Otterbox Commuter Case for Blackberry Bold Review


I have used and reviewed a number of different device cases from Otterbox. They are always impressive cases that provide significant protection for delicate electronics. They do exactly what they say and then some. In fact, I have even submerged a device wrapped in one of their Armor cases in a glass of water to test it! I don’t recommend doing it, but when I did the case protected my iPod Nano perfectly!! Yup, Otterbox cases are the best thing going, but (and there’s always a but) they aren’t the most stylish of cases.

Well… they weren’t…

With the company’s new Commuter Cases all that is changing. I have been using the Commuter Case for Blackberry Bold; it provides great protection from bumps and bruises, and it looks good. No really, it looks good!

Let’s take a look…



The OtterBox Commuter™ Series case for the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000 series offers the best of both worlds; incorporating elements from the rugged Defender™ Series line with the silicone, skin-like Impact™ Series line to create a slick case designed with your style in mind. It’s protection without the bulk. The exposed silicone corners dissipate impact away from the device for additional bump and shock protection and the smooth outer layer allows the case to easily slide into your pocket or purse. All buttons are fully functional through the case and the audio jack and USB port are accessible through silicone plugs.


* All buttons are fully functional through the case
* Exposed silicone corners dissipate impact away from your device with added bump and shock protection
* Sleek, stylish design
* Smooth outer layer allows case to slide easily into your pocket or purse
* Silicone plugs provide access to audio jack and USB port
* Self-adhering clear protective film, cleaning cloth and installation card included

Dimensions (case only): 4.68″ x 2.90″ x .75″
Weight (case only): 0.85 oz.

My Take:


Otterbox really upped their game in the style department with the new Commuter while maintaining the superior device protection upon which they have built their reputation. The case protects the back, sides, top and bottom quite well with no loss of functionality.


The Blackberry version of the Commuter Series comes in two parts. A silicon skin (left) wraps around the device providing immediate protection from bumps and bruises.

It covers the sleep button, volume rocker, and side convenience buttons without any significant loss of use.



Two plugs protect the USB and audio jack without impacting access to them.


A hard plastic shell (right) snaps around the silicon skin. It takes a few seconds to seat it properly but only a few. The fit between the two is perfect, and the combination of the soft skin and hard shell back offers a great degree of protection.


The result of this combination is a sleek case that feels great in the hand, offers good protection with little or no loss of functionality. As you can see, however, it does little to protect the front of the device. Otterbox ships the Commuter Series with a screen protector which is always a nice addition to any case but, clearly made the design choice that it was best to balance the degree of protection with the ability to fully access the screen, trackball buttons. To my mind they made the right call as this balance works well for me. If, however, you want even more protection there is always the Otterbox Blackberry Bold Defender Case.

What I Like:

Great balance of protection and device access


Doesn’t add significant bulk or weight

What Needs Improvement:

Nothing- if this is the right balance for you this is the right case for you!

The Otterbox Commuter Case for Blackberry Bold is available directly from Otterbox for an MSRP of $34.95

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