Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Video Unbox and First Impressions

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Video Unbox and First Impressions

I announced the release of the affordable yet feature-packed DDJ-WeGO from Pioneer here. The folks at Pioneer recently sent us a DDJ-WeGO to evaluate, and we are planning a full-on review for the next couple of weeks. I wanted to get in a quick unboxing and hands-on out there in case anyone was planning some holiday shopping for the DJ enthusiast and had the DDJ-WeGO on their list!

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Professional Sound and Visual Division today unveiled its most affordable controller to date, the DDJ-WeGO, an ultra-compact system that enables consumers and music enthusiasts alike to mix their own music creatively. For easy setup, the DDJ-WeGO is bundled with the Virtual DJ™ Limited Edition DJ software and has the ability to perform music stored on a Windows PC or Mac.

· With a suggested retail price of $399, it’s Pioneer’s cheapest controller to date
· Makes it easy for beginners to learn how to mix with built-in effects and features
· An ultra-compact, all-in-one, USB-powered system so no external power supply is needed
· Enables consumers and music fans alike to mix their own music creatively
· Performs music stored on a Windows PC or Mac
· Comes in five different colors

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Video Unbox and First Impressions

First impressions: The DDJ-WeGO is small and light, but immediately you can tell that Pioneer didn’t skimp on build quality when trimming the cost of the system. The jog wheels are solid and tight, and all of the sliders and pots are smooth yet offer adequate resistance to keep you feeling in control.

The initial ‘ooh’ factor comes from the way the lights strobe on startup, but that is just a sign of things to come. Those lights are integrated with everything, so that as you play music you can provide visual entertainment and customize what colors are assigned to each platter, and so on.

With the Virtual DJ software so tightly integrated, it is simple to pull in songs and get your show started. There are loads of integrated effects that you can quickly assign and control in real-time to customize your mix and warp your songs.

Everything about the DDJ-WeGO makes you want to spend more time exploring. For an inexpensive system, it is worlds above the typical ‘entry level’ systems you find at big box retailers. This is a serious piece of musical hardware at an affordable price.

Check out the hands-on video below, as it contains everything you need to know to get started understanding what Pioneer has packed into the DDJ-WeGO.

Would I recommend?: Absolutely! This is an amazing piece of hardware that integrates perfectly with Virtual DJ … and best of all it is selling for $300 rather than the original ‘suggested retail price of $399’. If you or someone you know is shopping for one of those $150 ‘entry level’ DJ decks … try to find a way to grab this instead.

Price: $299.99 from Pioneer direct (AmazonPioneer DDJ-WeGO Video Unbox and First Impressions has it for $269.00 – but it may already be out of stock)

Here is our hands-on review:

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