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November 16, 2012 • Music Diary, News

IK Multimedia Releases iPhone 5-Friendly AmpliTube 2.7!

More and more apps are being released that take advantage of the new iPhone 5 (and iPod Touch) screen, and it is great to see that they are actually taking advantage of the screen rather than just filling out the space. Today IK Multimedia announced that their popular AmpliTube app for iOS has been updated to take advantage of the larger screen.

Here are the details from the press release:

AmpliTube 2.7 takes advantage of the extra screen size and the Retina Display to deliver stunning graphics, which accompany IK’s industry-standard sounds and features.

The app comes with 24 gear models, including 5 amps, 5 cabinets, 2 mics and 11 stompboxes. It lets the user set up a signal chain containing an amp, cabinet and mic, along with three simultaneous stompboxes. AmpliTube’s gear lineup can be expanded via in-app purchase with dozens of additional components including officially certified models of Slash’s amps, and emulations of gear from world-class brands such as Fender®, Soldano®, Ampeg®, T-Rex® and many others.

Guitarists and bassists can connect their instruments to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, using IK’s immensely popular iRig® interface, or the new iRig STOMP; which is the first stompbox style interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It can be plugged inline with a pedalboard, or directly into an amp or P.A. system for live performances.

The update is free for all current owners, and the full app costs $19.99 from the app store (the limited capability AmpliTube LE costs $2.99)

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