Truly Dedicated Christmas Decorations!

Truly Dedicated Christmas Decorations!

One of my favorite childhood traditions was when my family would drive around and check out Christmas lights. Being Jewish, we didn’t decorate our house with sparkly lights and blow up Santas, but we loved looking at all the houses that did. We would go out for a family dinner, and then instead of just heading home, we would drive around and debate the best and worst displays.

I was all excited to get Sarah hooked on this tradition, and she informed me at dinner tonight that a shortcut to her office had yielded the mother lode. She promised the house looked amazing in daylight, and that the decorations would top anything I had seen as a kid.

She was right.

There were lights and music — coordinated. Just check it out:

The announcement before the music explained they had a website (Cranbury Christmas Lights), and that they were soliciting donations for local charities. Honestly, I would have tipped them solely for their no-doubt exorbitant electrical bill! They really put an astounding amount of work into this, and according to their website, more extension cords than most people have in their house:

Our Christmas display for charity this year is made up of 22,000 feet of extension cords attached to 75,000 lights and 432 channels controlling the lights to the music! We have 14 songs ranging from the traditional to the “whimsical” Christmas songs for the kids. Our display is truly unique with our own designs including a 10,000 “Shooting Fountain of Light!” and a 20 foot by 20 foot wall of snowflakes with 6,400 lights. Our Mega tree has 9,600 lights! New for 2012 we have added 20,000 lights to our lawn!

This display is probably the height of my “gawking at Christmas lights” experiences. It boggles my mind how much work must have gone into this display, and they draw quite a crowd. There were probably ten cars parked out front for tonight’s 8pm show, and their website lists all sorts of special events like concerts and visits with Santa. Clark Griswold only wishes his house looked this good!

Have you seen any mind-blowing light displays like this one (or the one Mike posted earlier this week?) Let us know in the comments!

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