Deepworld Is Available for iOS now!

Photo courtesy of Deepworld

Photo courtesy of Deepworld

Hello again iPad gaming fans, I’m here to give you a quick tip; kind of like when your doctor tells you that you should exercise more often.  Check out Deepworld, out now on the iTunes for free.  It’s a 2D minecraft-type sandbox MMO game that focuses a lot on its hand-drawn art and a cool steampunk vibe.  Also, did I mention that the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world?  Its true.

You mine different kinds of ore blocks in order to build various items like doors, chairs, lanterns, and many, many more, all of which help you to survive in the wasteland.  There are also environmental concerns that will try to foil you in your quest for more ore.  Likely due to the previously mentioned apocalypse , the rain is chock full of acid and will harm you if you stay out in it too long, so shelter is important.  Also, if you dig deep enough, you’ll find some not-so-friendly lava.  You’ll also have to build weapons and devices to fight monsters that roam the wasteland.  Oh, and there are jetpacks.  Can’t forget about the jetpacks!

The game is all about discovering new things in the vast game universe as well as playing with all of your friends.  The build system is pretty simple to use and the worlds are extensive.  I took part in the alpha testing on Mac and can attest first-hand to the depth and uniqueness of this game.  If you’re at all interested in the ore mining, block based, crafting games, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.  Deepworld is also available on Mac and soon, Windows as well.  On the iPad, there is an IAP option to become a premium member for $4.99.

Here is a description from the developers:

Deepworld is a massively-multiplayer 2D crafting adventure game. Mine and craft your way through a persistent online universe where there’s always something new to discover!

NOTE: Deepworld requires an iPad 2 or later to function!

– Find your way through mountains, caves, and ruins filled with danger and reward, or venture into cities built by fellow players.
– Deepworld is always online in the cloud, so it’s easy to hop on and play with your friends! Follow them in-game and easily find them when you play.
– Mine and craft hundreds of different items with Deepworld’s easy inventory system. Place them anywhere in the world to build your dream house!
– Recover lost pieces of technology to build machines that restore the environment and make your world a more interesting place.
– Use different weapons and protective devices to fight monsters of the deep, mysterious automatons, and soon, other players!
– Complete objectives to win achievements and earn skill points, which can be used to beef up your character’s dexterity, mining ability, and more. You can track your progress in Game Center, as well!

Here is the trailer:

Feast your eyes on these lovely screenshots:

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