The iPad Smart Case – Smart Protection for Your iPad Tablet

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The iPad Smart Case – Smart Protection for Your iPad Tablet Listen to this article


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The iPad Smart Case is a great way to protect your iPad without the added weight and bulk of other cases. Similar to the original iPad Smart Cover, the iPad Smart Case contains a magnet that automatically wakes the iPad upon opening and puts it to sleep when closing, helping to preserve your battery power. It can be configured to hold the iPad low to the desk to write emails or work on presentations or more upright to view movies and video clips. Transforming the cover into the stand takes some practice, as the flaps don’t always fold the way you’d like, but after some practice, you’ll get the hang of it and have your iPad propped in no time.

The back cover is a nice addition that protects against scuffs and scratches. It’s thin and lightweight, but will not offer much protection against high drops and falls. The top cover creates a nice seal with the iPad and the back cover, which is helpful when storing the iPad in a bag or purse. While you won’t have to worry about the cover accidentally opening up in your bag and spamming your entire address book, you may find that the seal actually makes the cover difficult to open since there no flap, tab, or overhang to assist with lifting the cover.

When the Smart Case is used as the low profile stand, you can rest assured that the iPad won’t slide or fall your desk. However, the same cannot be said when the Smart Case is used as a movie or video stand. Because the front and back cover is one piece, there is extra bulk underneath and behind the iPad, causing it to lean forward. You can maneuver it and eventually get it to stay, but you will not have a strong base on which to type or do work. You’d have to flip it over to the low profile stand for that. Also, any gentle taps on the device or desk while it’s in the upright position will more than likely cause the iPad to fall.

The Smart Case comes in six different color options and costs $49.00. You also have the option of engraving the back cover for an additional fee.


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Overall, the iPad Smart Cover is a great cover if you are a responsible iPad user who doesn’t need strong protection. If you are looking to make your iPad indestructible, then the Smart Cover may not be for you.

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What I Like: Thin and lightweight; Nice color selection

What Needs Improvement: Difficult to open; Takes some practice folding correctly into the stand; Pricey for light protection

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