Pique your [P]Interest

Did you know that if you run out of AA batteries, you can use AAA ones and fill the gap with foil?  Did you know adding baking powder into your baby’s bath can help relieve diaper rash?  Do you want to learn how to make homemade gel ice packs?  Do you want a recipe for garlic cheese bread?  Do you enjoy looking at cute pictures of fluffy animals?  Are you interested in learning how to make an eternity scarf?  These are just a few things that Pinterest has to offer.
Pinterest is like Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote all in one amazingly addictive website (or app). With 32 categories ranging from architecture to gardening to recipes(one of my favorites) to DIY crafts (another favorite), anyone can find something of [p]interest to spark an addiction.


Here is a creative way to recycle water spigots and knobs for use as hooks for inside or outside your house!  Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

The purpose of Pinterest is to create your own boards(favorite recipes, cool stuff, ideas for the home, ideas for the bathroom, etc.) and pin interesting ideas and discoveries, such as those I mentioned at the beginning of this post) onto the boards. Your pins are all public and will be shared with others unless you pin it to one of three allotted secret boards. The secret boards are great if you want pin ideas about gifts or fun party ideas.

273593746083262911_vyQ9jR59_bSave your soda can tabs to create your own double-hanger to keep those pants and tops together, just like they do in the stores. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

I use Pinterest to not only procrastinate from doing other work, but also for some great ideas on just about every topic. I pinned a post about how to create a rain barrel, something I will get to “one day.”  I also learned how to make Panera’s broccoli-cheddar soup, something I made this weekend!  I’m now on the hunt for information and ideas on terrariums, which will be my next project.

If you are looking for a new hobby or obsession, check out Pinterest. And men, Pinterest is not just for women!  You can pin pictures of some cool cars and ideas for new workout routines.

So, create your account, begin pinning some fun projects or recipes, invite over some friends, and host your first Pinterest party!

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