Heroes of Ruin Video Game Review on Nintendo 3DS

This extensive adventure game puts the genre right in the palm of your hands with an engaging, action experience bolstered by a user-friendly, touch-controlled inventory system and consistent new downloadable content.

This Nintendo 3DS exclusive game impresses with an in-depth role-playing game (RPG)/dungeon crawling experiences with a wide array of game modes and online options.


The multiplayer and cooperative gameplay options encourage coordination and friendships as online connection expand the game beyond the in-depth “off-line” single-player mode.

Up to three other players (friends or any worldwide participants) can jump in the “drop in and out” cooperative multiplayer with complete with real-time voice chat (enabled in options – built-in microphone works, but headsets are recommended). The local multiplayer lets players play co-op with friends on the same online connection.

The StreetPass option lets players opt into the in-game traders’ network while the SpotPass option lets players receive special items or challenges through local Wi-Fi hotspots. Challenges are downloaded daily via Infocasting.

Internet connect gameplay and friend additions provide even more expanded opportunities. Boost the replay value even more when you trade items, forge new alliances and try different tactics.


The story centers on the city called Nexus in the land of Veil where players must help a dying lord named Ataraxis who helped bring peace to the land after a 100-plus year war.

Each character class (four total) encounters different characters (dragons, sharks, giant crabs, wolves, spiders, etc.) and more challenging “bosses” to fight.

The Savage (warrior) uses basic, but lethal weapons including gauntlets on his fists and a helpful hook.

The Vindicator has furious sword attacks and the gunslinger specializes in range combat even attacking while moving to a safe distance.

The Alchitect (mage) can find the weakness and unleash spells and group attacks like gravity bombs.


Players can customize each character’s skin, hair color, hairstyle, and wardrobe and have enough variety in abilities, weapons, and armor to play each class separately.

Each character’s skill tree allows them to level up as they progress in combat and acquire an item inventory from thousands of choices. Some items are exclusive to a character class.

Challenges range from medium to low in most situations as players must watch the top bar for enemy health while the bottom bars track character two health. Players constantly hack and slash through enemies and environments while collecting items, so various powers, challenges, puzzles, and strategies are a welcome change.


The colorful graphics include special elements like 3D trees and provide distinctive guidance for gameplay. Each area navigates players through their movement without overwhelming them with too many movement choices. No need for map thought some players will depend on it based on similar past gaming experiences. Players can also access secret areas and obtain rare items.

An essential 3DS game library addition very comparable to the Diablo game series. Players can engage in the online community at the official community website heroesofruin.com.

Review: Heroes of Ruin

Where to Buy: Amazon.com and other stores

Price: $39.99 or below

What I Like:  deep role-playing experience in a handheld format, StreetPass/SpotPass features, variety, cooperative play options, fun/satisfying combat, great introductory game to the RPG/dungeon crawling game genre

What Needs Improvement: only one difficulty setting, mid to low challenge level

Source: Copy provided by the publisher

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