Spigen SGP Linear Metal Crystal Case for iPhone 5 Review

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Yesterday we took a look at the SPIGEN SGP Neo Hybrid EX Case for iPhone 5. (Read the review.) It is a nice bumper-style case that gets the job of protecting the iPhone 5 done without adding too much bulk or breaking the bank. Today we’re taking a look at another iPhone 5 case from Spigen SGP. The Linear Metal Crystal Case for the iPhone 5 has a different design approach than the Neo Hybrid EX but offers the same degree of protection and value we’ve come to expect from the company. Let’s take a look.

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I’m rather impressed with the Linear’s “snap-on style” approach. There is an upper frame that covers the top and most of the sides of the iPhone, an interchangeable bottom portion (the case comes with two options) and a clear back plate. The upper and lower portions snap together with the back plate sandwiched into place between the lip of the case and the iPhone itself.

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As the company notes,

The slim and lightweight back panel is transparent to display the original design of iPhone 5.

I love the fact that the clear back plate let’s the beauty of the iPhone 5 come through while still offering decent scratch protection. As you can see, the clear back plate is an absolute fingerprint magnet. The good news is that the smudges aren’t nearly as obvious in person as they are on camera. The bad news… they are still pretty obvious. 🙂

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  • Slim and form-fitted to show the perfect shape of your device.
  • Easy access to all control ports
  • Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD screen protector (1pc)
  • Jelly Bean Buttons (3pc)

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I really love the sleek design of the case. The two parts clip together and create a solid unit that surrounds the iPhone. It adds minimal bulk to the phone while completely covering the all-too vulnerable sides of the phone.

And as you can see, the cutouts on the bottom line up perfectly and strike the right balance of protection and access.

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And while the case isn’t thick or bulky I do love the fact that it provides just enough lay-on-the-table protection to keep the screen safe. It really is one of those cases that doesn’t give the appearance of offering much protection but actually delivers a surprisingly significant amount.

And yes, when you look at the phone from the front you really don’t notice “too much” case. That’s the idea.

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Spigen is careful to offer the following:

Please note that the case is made of polycarbonate (plastic) material with a metallic finish. This case is not made with actual metal.

Right, the Linear Metal Crystal Case is made entirely from plastic but it doesn’t feel or look like plastic. No, the Spigen SGP Linear Metal Crystal Case for iPhone 5 looks great, feels terrific in the hand and offers a decent level of protection. And all of that comes for less than $28. Honestly, it is my favorite iPhone 5 case thus far. Correction: It WAS my favorite iPhone 5 case thus far. Last night a package came with a new case from Spigen SGP and it has replaced the Linear as my go-to case. We’ll have an early look at that case in this week’s newsletter.

You can learn more and order yours on the company website.

MSRP: $27.99

What I Like: Thin; Light; Interchangable lower portion lets you change the look; doesn’t add weight or bulk; Protects nicely; Includes screen protector and Jelly Buttons

What Needs Improvement: Back plate almost seems to create fingerprints without you even touching it 🙂

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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