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Speck has been making quality accessories for the Apple iPhone since the first generation device was released. Admittedly I was not a huge fan of the 3G version of the Fitted case. However, that all changed when Speck retooled the Fitted for their 3GS release. Speck was kind enough to send me the iPhone 4 version of the Fitted and I’ve had some time over the last few weeks to put the case through its paces. Does the new Fitted retain the same fit and quality that the 3GS version did? Read on to find out.

The Fitted case comes in Speck’s standard packaging. Unfortunately there’s no screen shield included with the case. If you need to protect your iPhone 4’s screen I suggest taking a look at Speck’s Screen Shield, the “ShieldView”, which is available here.


The Fitted case consists of two pieces that snap together. The interior of the case is lined with a “soft-touch” material that insulates the back of your iPhone and keeps it from being scratched by the case itself.


The outside of the case is covered by fabric. The version Speck sent me is their Darkest Tartan Gray but the Fitted is also available in 8 other styles.

Screen shot 2010-10-05 at 3.55.55 PM.png

Once you’ve snapped the two pieces of the Fitted case around your iPhone 4 you’re left with a one piece hard shell that will protect your phone from bumps, scratches and even small drops. The case offers a very good amount of lay on the table design as well.  The black, soft-touch material offers a nice amount of grip as well.


The case feature’s Speck newest camera cutout which is lined with a black insert which serves to prevent the iPhone 4’s flash from bouncing back onto the camera lens and washing out your photos.


On the bottom the case offers one large cutout for access to the 30-pin dock connector, speaker and microphone.  I was able to successfully dock my iPhone 4 in the Fitted case in both my Griffin Simplifi Dock as well as my iHome clock radio.


A similar, large generous cutout on the side of the case allows for easy access to the volume buttons and vibrate switch.


On the top of the case the sleep/awake button and headset jack each get individual cutouts.  The cutout for the headset jack also includes room for the iPhone 4’s secondary microphone.


The Fitted Case offers a nice balance of protection and style.  The combination of soft-touch material and patterned fabric mean you don’t have to sacrifice good looks for protection.  The case fits well safely securely your iPhone between its two sections.

The Speck Fitted Case for the iPhone 4 is available directly from the Speck website here.

M.S.R.P. – $29.95

What I like – Large variety of patterns, good fit.

What I don’t like – Sometimes difficult to remove.

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