Pocket Informant Continues to Shine and Adds New Updates and Bug Fixes

Pocket Informant Continues to Shine and Adds New Updates and Bug Fixes

I am about to head to my first CES experience in just a few short weeks, and already I have learned something very important: the schedule is an absolute beast. Everyone wants to meet, there are only a few short days, and juggling all those commitments is going to be rough. Luckily, I am not leaning on the anemic iOS calendar to handle all this, but I have the always amazing Pocket Informant to help me out!

There are a few reasons why I recommend Pocket Informant as a more robust calendar and tasks option. One, it’s far, far easier to manage complex calendar items on Pocket Informant. Need to invite others, or add detailed notes? All your options are right there on Pocket Informant. The calendar view choices are more robust, ranging from drilled down day views to weekly and monthly ones. There’s task management that can be as simple as a list or as complex as a detailed “Getting things done” system. Whatever you need, Pocket Informant has it.

The best way to explain why I like using a more complex calendar is to compare it to another must-have item for me: a pocketknife.

I have a great Swiss Army pocketknife that has scissors, a knife, screwdrivers, a corkscrew, and a bunch of other implements I rarely need. Sarah likes to tease me about carrying around a bulky item like that on my keys, since after all, most of the time there’s a full size equivalent of whatever tool I need handy. But when we were moving, and boxes needed to be packed and unpacked, and tape needed to be cut, and items needed to be disassembled, you know which tool I reached for over any other? Yup, my pocketknife. It just saved time to reach for the tool at hand rather than hunt down every little item.

Similarly, I could sit down and use Google Calendar directly on the web, or manage my schedule through Outlook, or break down my tasks, calendar, and everything else into separate but full size apps. In the end, though, it becomes easier, faster, and more efficient to keep everything in one place, and that’s where Pocket Informant can really shine.

Pocket Informant Continues to Shine and Adds New Updates and Bug Fixes

Best of all, in my opinion, is that WebIS, the developer of Pocket Informant, never rests. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their product, and they’ve just released another update with a slew of behind the scenes tweaks, fixes, and adjustments. It can be challenging to rely on a third-party for a core functionality like calendar; no matter how crappy the iOS calendar is, you know what you get with it. Paying extra for more features means that app needs to have a rock solid developer team behind it, and that’s what you get with Pocket Informant.

If you’ve tried Pocket Informant before but couldn’t get into it, give it another shot with this latest update of fixes. And if you are using it, let us know your favorite features in the comments! Pocket Informant Pro is $14.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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