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Even though I have very little free time during football season, everyone needs something to ease their mind and take a short break. As of late, I have enjoyed a few iPhone games that seem to follow the common theme of driving. There is not any particular reason every game I am currently playing involves driving, jumping and trying not to crash, but it has been bringing me some much needed relief and entertainment. My latest craze is Bike Baron. Let’s take a quick look.

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The tracks in Bike Baron are totally insane. They start relatively easy, but once you get some skill the difficulty kicks up greatly. While most levels require a speedy time to achieve one of the three stars, skill and technique usually wins over with most of the obstacles. The controls are straight forward and easy to use. On the right is gas and brake buttons. The brake will also act as a reverse if you need to back up. The right side includes left and right arrows which make the bike lean back or forward. It takes a few levels to get used to the lean buttons, but they are important to use to avoid crashing. Some jumps require a pull back push forward technique to get enough air to reach the next landing zone.


Each level presents a crazy path of jumps and flips to reach the finish. Be aware that there are often several paths to take to reach the goal. One path will be faster than the other, but often causes you to miss coins. Rocket power ups may be found along the way to aid in huge jumps or propel the bike through loops. Remember that the rockets are basically on the back of the seat, so angles and lean play important rolls when being propelled. There are many obstacles along the way also. Do not touch the flaming TNT barrels with your bike unless you like to see your rider blown across the track. There are also parts of the track made of ice that will break after you cross and wooden blocks that move when you hit them. Learn how to navigate all aspects of the tracks in order to complete some of the more difficult levels later.


Bike Baron is a fun, mindless racing game that presents entertaining levels that will require some skill. Each level presents three challenges you must defeat in order to complete the game. Use points to buy new riders and conquer the tracks again and again. I find the game to be super enjoyable and enjoy the challenge each level presents. Get Bike Baron here in the app store for $.99 and start your engines.

What I like: Fun, challenging levels that keep me coming back over and over.

What can be improved: There are a few levels that are near impossible when you get deep into the game. This could turn people from finishing the game. 

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  1. Bike Baron is one of my favorite games. I’ve only played the Easy and Medium levels in the newest update and I’ve got 324/381 total stars. The Extreme levels are ridiculously difficult.

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