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December 26, 2012 • Reviews

Aranez Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case Review

The first thing I did when I received the Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case by Aranez, was sniff it for that real leather smell.  My nose (and the case’s specifications) confirmed that this case is made from genuine cow leather.


This case is extremely lightweight, yet feels sturdy enough to protect your iPhone 5 from minor drops and bangs.   The right side of the case that holds the phone in place is a thin piece of molded plastic, which does its job of securely holding the phone.


On the left, the case has two slots dedicated to holding credit cards, licenses, gift cards, business cards, or any other similarly sized cards. Being able to store your cards with your phone is convenient, especially when you want to run out without schlepping your purse along.  However, if you’re like me, you may be concerned with keeping all of your valuables in one case — because if you lose your phone, you also lose your credit cards. The last thing I want is to lose my phone and all of my credit cards.  Also, you can only fit 3-4 cards comfortably in the case; any more will cause difficulty in closing the case and add extra bulk.  Furthermore, depending on your level of paranoia, you may not want to keep your credit cards so close to your phone for fear of affecting the metallic swipe on the cards.


When using the phone to text, talk, or surf the web, you must either turn the phone and use it in landscape view or fold back the card section.  When folding the case back, I feel like I am ruining the integrity of the case, as I need to force the leather to fold in a way that it seems unintended by the case manufacturers. After repeating folding, the case may open more easily, but I’d also fear cracking or ruining the leather.

Aesthetically, this case is very pleasing.  The silver stitching provides a nice contrast against the black leather and the brown magnetic closure adds to the case’s overall appeal.

You can purchase this case directly from Aranez’s website.

MSRP: $69.95

What I Like: Classy look and feel.  There is one bigger opening behind the card slots for receipts, cash, or other items that do not fit in the card slots

What Needs Improvement: Two card slots may not be enough for some people.  Also, you cannot fit too many cards or the wallet will not close properly (perhaps that’s why they only included two slots).  The case is somewhat awkward when trying to use the phone.

 Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

4 Responses to " Aranez Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case Review "

  1. Stacey – looks great! I loved the Aranez I reviewed for the Samsung Galaxy SIII – the quality was excellent, and I found that having just a couple of slots helped keep the bulk to a minimum – and as you say ensure you can’t lose too much stuff!

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