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These days it seems as if pretty much every mobile device has a camera; phones, tablets, laptops — almost anyone on the go can now take a picture when and where they want. While these small cameras are pretty good, a little software help can make them great.

There are many offerings for iOS users at many price points; you do not necessarily have to spend a lot to get good results. Camera FX falls into the ‘cheaper with results’ category. Lets take a quick look.

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Camera FX is designed to present a DSLR like user experience. You can see the app looks as if you were looking at the display of an actual camera. The controls and simple and to the point; you can toggle the flash on and off by simply tapping the icon in the upper left of the screen. To the right is what appears to be a switch; tap that to switch between front and rear facing cameras. Snap the image by tapping the camera icon button at the bottom of the view finder. Of course, tapping on the image will focus the camera on that location, just as the iOS camera does. That is all you need to start taking photos.

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Once a picture is taken or uploaded from your album, you can adjust and apply filters. On the bottom of the screen a slider adjusts contrast and you can enhance, add a frame or rotate the image. The Enhance button works well with outdoor or landscape photos. I took a couple of shots while hunting and liked how the sky and cloud colors were improved. Tapping the frame button will not give any choices, but adds a simple black or white frame around the image.

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The free version of the app includes 15 filters to choose from and four that can be added through in-app purchases. The filters are pretty standard for similar applications, and will cover a wide range of styles. Make your colors more subtle and golden, or make them pop; or you can make the photo look old and nostalgic if you’d rather. Whatever the mood of the shot, you should be able to find a filter to make it look better. Each filter will give a full screen preview and will not be applied until you save the image. This makes it simple to quickly find the right filter for the photo.

Photo FX will not reinvent the camera app, but it does provide an attractive intuitive interface to take some great shots. All of the camera options are easily accessible, and the app is fast so you won’t miss that great moment. The added filters and adjustments are easy to use and will help make your photos stylish and fun. All images are easily saved to the camera roll or shared via Facebook or Twitter from the app. If you have images you want to adjust, simply import them to the app and apply the filters. This app is a great photo companion, and you can never go wrong with the price. Go get Camera FX here in the App Store for free!

What I like: Simple user interface with all options just a tap away on the screen.

What could be improved: I would like to see some options with the frame enhancement.

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