How to Keep Your New Gear Looking Great


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It’s 2013, and the year is off to a running start. No doubt someone in your home received some new gear over the holidays. And regardless of the brand all the gadgets have one thing in common — they need to be protected. This is especially so in 2013, when mobility is the name of the game.

Think about it, a desktop computer that sits at home or in your office runs minimal risk of physical damage unless a natural disaster or a disastrous pet come into the picture. A laptop however, something that is specifically designed to be carried and used on the go, is going to encounter countless opportunities for harm. And things are even worse for tablets and phones since they run the risk of being dropped, knocked from the table and more.

Cases are great, but they add weight and bulk. For small, light devices, a bulky case tends to be counter to the intended design of said gear. That’s why so many of us swear by Bodyguardz protective skins. As I’ve noted previously, I have a Bodyguardz Armor protective skin on my MacBook Pro, my iPad both the 9.7″ and the mini truth be told) and my iPod nano. The only device that doesn’t currently sport an Armor skin is my iPhone and that is simply because I need it naked so I can review cases as they come in. Judie has them on her MacBook Pro, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Nokia Lumia 920, and the LG Optimus G. And here’s the thing, almost all of the Armors skins on our devices are skins we personally bought rather than review samples. In other words, we recommend Bodyguardz because we use Bodyguardz.

So if you have new gadgets, get your year and your gear off to a good startHow to Keep Your New Gear Looking Great!

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