JBL Offers a Complete Portfolio of Wireless Speakers

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The other day my favorite Kickstart-Addicted friend (aka Judie) and I were debating backing an awesome project for iOS devices. I commented that we needed to place a moratorium on projects that are specific to the iPhone 5 or the iPad since, at the moment, we are in a transitional period. Yes, with the iPad 4 all iOS devices will be using Apple’s new, smaller, connector. Until then though we have a mix of devices using either the 30-pin dock connector or the new connector. That means there has never been a better time to go wireless. That’s why Judie wrote this in a recent post, “With Apple changing their dock connector this year, I’ve finally moved to a portable Bluetooth streaming speaker system in my work space…”

JBL has announced a terrific lineup speakers that don’t need a physical connection. With prices starting at just $59 there is a design for every style and budget. Here’s a quick rundown of the offerings.

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The JBL OnBeat aWake is $139.

Bluetooth­-enabled speaker dock that lets you wake up to the audio from your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

– Wirelessly stream music from your tablet, smartphone and other devices

– Customize alarm settings, check the weather and access your calendar with the free JBL ArmUp app

– Dock your iPad, iPhone or iPod so it’s charged and ready for the day

Learn more here.

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The JBL Flip is under $100!

Rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled loudspeaker featuring true JBL sound and a built-in microphone.

– Wirelessly connect to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more

– Use its built-in mic for hands-free calls, Skype and FaceTime

– Hear the truth with great JBL sound from dual drivers and DSP

Learn more here.

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The JBL Micro Wireless is just $59! Portable, wireless and inexpensive. That’s a great combination.

Pocket-sized, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that delivers big sound from your portable audio devices.

– Wirelessly stream audio from your portable devices like smartphones and tablets

– Experience loud and clear JBL sound from a compact speaker with a tuned bass port

– Get up to five hours of uninterrupted audio from its rechargeable battery

Learn more here.

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The JBL OnBeat Venue is $199

Bluetooth­-enabled speaker dock lets you play music, watch videos and FaceTime with friends – all with big JBL sound.

– Wirelessly stream music from your tablet, smartphone and other devices

– Create customized playlists, edit mixes and browse album artwork with the JBL MusicFlow app

– Dock your iPad, iPhone or iPod so it’s always charged and ready to go

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Finally, there is the JBL Cinema SB200. It jumps to $299 but what you get for the price is impressive. It lets you have an impressive sound bar that not only makes your media system even better AND lets you stream music from your mobile device.

Bluetooth-enabled sound bar that delivers room-filling sound and thunderous bass.

– Hear big bass that eliminates the need for an external subwoofer

– Wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet and other devices

– Experience room-filling, 3D sound from a single, stylish speaker

Learn more here.

We are hoping to review a few of them in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!

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