Letterpress Word Game for iOS

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Type of app: Word game

Platform/where to buy: iOS, universal for iPad and iPhone

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Developer: atebits

iPhone Apps   iPhone Apps   iPhone Apps

Price: Free, $.99 upgrade for unlimited games and themes

Major features: Use the jumbled letters to create words, and compete for credit for each tile used. Words cannot be reused, and once every tile is claimed, the person who has used more tiles wins. Challenge friends via iOS Game Center.

iPhone Apps   iPhone Apps   iPhone Apps   iPhone Apps

Ease of use/Overall performance: This is a very fun game and a great alternative to word games like Words with Friends. It forces you to be creative, since you can’t reuse words and you are essentially playing a competitive word jumble.

Would use again/recommend?: Absolutely. We spent some time over the holidays playing old fashioned word board games, and this rekindled an interest in Words with Friends…but that got old quickly. This is a fresh take on a head to head word game, and it’s quick and fun!

Suggested changes/wish list for upgrades: There are times when I like in-app purchases, but I’d rather pay $.99 up front than download a “free” app only to discover unlimited games and a list of already-played words need an upgrade. It’s minor, and the free features are excellent, but having it all up front would be nice too.





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