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January 4, 2013 • Gear Bits, News

Goodbye Spin Magazine After 27 Years


Last summer, after BuzzMedia bought Spin Magazine,  it announced it was cancelling the November / December issue as part of a ‘brand evaluation’. Well … over the holidays we learned that print was NOT in fact part of the ‘moving forward’ plan, and the magazine has been killed off in favor of focusing on online efforts.

Interestingly, as shown at the top, the magazine is giving out Car & Driver magazine as a replacement for current subscribers. I was intrigued as to why we were suddenly getting Car & Driver again (I had gotten a free subscription in the past that my older son enjoyed), but just assumed it was another ‘mystery freebie’ magazine we seem to occasionally get. But here is the online explanation from Spin.

Substituting Car & Driver for Spin seems … weird. To me it is like if my Runner’s World magazine was cancelled and they decided to substitute Better Homes & Gardens in its place. Fine magazine … totally useless as a substitute.

Had you subscribed to Spin? What do you think about the magazine coming to an end – is it, along with Newsweek earlier last year, just another domino in the fall of print media?

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