Sonic the Hedgehog Is Here to Haunt Your Dreams

In the interest of the mental health of our readers, this post begins with a warning: this video is pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel. But if you can’t help but think “how bad could a live-action Sonic the Hedgehog be?”, watch the video below. But remember, we warned you!

So, so many questions:

  1. Does a police speedometer really go up to 760 mph?
  2. Why does Sonic have human teeth?
  3. Who let 90s era Jim Carrey out?
  4. Did anyone else think “I’d rather watch The Mask”?
  5. Does James Marsden ever wish he was still starring in the X-Men movies?
  6. Why does Sonic have shoes but not pants?
  7. Did Jim Carrey show up with that haircut or was that a deliberate stylistic choice?
  8. Did they come up with “Gangsta’s Paradise” as the song for the trailer before or after the Sega Genesis pun?
  9. If I look too long at Sonic will I start to question all reality?

This, and many other questions, will hopefully be answered in November, assuming no one burns the abomination before then.

Update: Apparently the Internet outcry had an effect! The Verge is reporting the studio is going to tweak Sonic’s look to make it look less…whatever it is. We will see if this pushes back the November release!

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  1. I just think he looks creepy! The no pants thing is what he looked like in the game so I get that but the weird looking hair and mouth …creepy!

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