Audi to Include Tegra-Powered Infotainment Systems in Select Vehicles This Year

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If you are an Audi enthusiast and in the market for a new Audi, you are in for a treat. Audi today announced they would be including the MMX computing module based on the NVIDIA Tegra Visual Computing Module in select models starting in 2013. This latest iteration of the Audi MIB will enhance Audi connect, permitting the live updating of satellite imagery for both Google Earth and Google Map Street View.  Audi drivers with the new NVIDIA Tegra hardware will be able to see 360° street panoramas as well as pull up real-time gas prices, the latest weather forecasts and Google-powered POI searches.  All this will substantially enhance the driving experience,  giving owners some serious techie street cred and something more interesting to obsess about than texting while driving.

A large bonus of the more modular VCM is that moving forward, Audi will be able decouple the slower vehicle electronics updates from the much more rapid advances in processing power, thereby permitting speedier updates to in-vehicle systems.

According to Mathias Halliger, head of architecture, MMI system at Audi. “The new modular approach allows us an independent evolution of automotive-cycle and consumer-electronics-cycle multimedia systems so that we can implement the latest and greatest innovations that allow the best possible customer experience with infotainment in the vehicle.” The system is currently available in Audi A3s in Europe, and will appear in Asia later this year, with Canada and the United States receiving the systems in 2014.

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