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Since I have moved to using an iPad 3 for my full-time mobile computing option, I’ve discovered how important my case choice is. The iPad literally goes everywhere with me, including my deer blind. It is important to not only protect the tablet, but for it to also be functional in many situations. My iPad is used on a work desk, in my lap, lying in bed, in the car, on the deck, and while I’m hunting. The situations where I use my iPad are literally endless. All of this means my case must work in each environment without having to change to other options.

I was able to try a ZooGue Genius Pro leather case to see if all of my needs could be met with one option. Let’s take a look.

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The Genius Pro is a genuine leather folio style case for the new iPad. Both the front and back covers provide a rigid layer of protection that is perfect for use when on the go. I am using the black version, but it also comes in pink and gray. The leather is attractive, and the case is well designed and made. All of the edges are clean, and the seams are sewn strong and rugged. The case does add a bit of bulk and some weight to the iPad, but for the level of protection it provides as well as the functionality this does not detract from the product. The front cover has two Velcro strips running along the outside and the back has a fold out insert as well as two straps. These features are what make the Genius Pro so versatile, and they will be discussed later.

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The iPad is held inside the case by a leather pocket which is closed via a Velcro tab. I had no problems taking the iPad in and out and the tab easily slides into place and holds tightly. There are no problems with the iPad slipping out or moving while in the case. All of the ports, buttons and cameras are accessible so the case does not inhibit any use. I do like how the leather pocket is inset just inside the rigid outside cover providing some extra protection from a drop on the corner; I have dropped my iPad several times and the case has protected it each time.

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My favorite feature of the case is the adjustable tab on the back. Open the front cover and fold it back and pull the tab from the Velcro on the back cover. The edge of the tab has Velcro that matches up on the two strips on the front cover. This allows the iPad to be set to just about any angle quickly and easily. The Velcro actually holds the angle in place beautifully, and the angle will not slip or change once set. I have used similar cases before that had a slotted system to achieve various angles. While that system does work, this design will ensure that the absolute perfect angle can be achieved. In mere seconds you can change the angle from near 90 degrees on a desk to an almost flat angle best for use sitting in the lap. All of these angles can be set in landscape only.

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The back cover of the Genus Pro also includes two straps  made of elastic with leather covered Velcro enclosures. The straps can be used as a hand strap allowing for single-handed use when standing or giving a presentation. I actually used the straps to connect to my 5 year old’s bunk bed as we watched a video before bedtime, and we also strapped it to the headrest in the car on a trip. When on the go, I also use the straps to hold the case shut tightly. Again, with just one case, I was able to get a ton of uses with little effort.

If you are in the market for a functional folio style case that will provide awesome protection, try the ZooGue Leather Case Genius Pro. I have been using the case for several weeks, and there has not been a situation that made using the iPad uncomfortable. Just the ability to set the tablet to virtually any viewing angle makes this a wonderful case, but the additional straps adds the ability to attach the case to anything when angles are not needed. The Genius Pro is attractive and made to withstand daily use and will by my daily carry for a long time to come.

ZooGue New iPad Leather Case Genius Pro

MSRP: $49.99

What I like: I love the functionality of the case. I can set it at any angle needed as well as attach using the straps on the back.

What Needs Improvement: I have no complaint other than apps that only work in portrait mode. When this happens, I miss the ability to set my angles.

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