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This Kickstarter campaign is to fund the development of a cross between a Tycoon game, MMORPG, and a gambling game.  This game really intrigues me because I’ve always been interested in a Mass Multiplayer Online-type environment where you can keep building an empire and the game continues ever after you log off.  In games like Minecraft, you can craft some really cool things, but unless you’re on a large public server, you aren’t really sharing that with anyone.  But in CasinoRPG, you get to grow your fortune from the ground up and then other real-live players can interact with your creations.  Also, why have a fortune when you can’t throw it all away on one throw of the dice?  GoldFire wants to give you that opportunity.  You can use your (play-money) fortune to gamble in any of the other players’ casinos to further expand, or destroy, your bank account.  Another great thing about this game is that it will run on HTML 5 via your browser.  This means that you’ll be able to play it on any newer mobile phone or tablet as well as your PC or Mac.  This means you can take your game with you anywhere and have the same experience no matter what device your playing on.  If you’re at all interested in Tycoon-type games, this is something you’ll have to try.  This project absolutely needs to get more exposure.

Project Title:  CasinoRPG

Status:  Funding – 35% with 18 days to go at the time of this posting

Closing Date for Funding:  2/5/2013

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Who at Gear Diary Backed It: Perry, so far.

At What Level Did We Back:  $25.  If you act fast, you can get in on the $25 level for just $20!

Why We Backed It:  I am very interested in the Tycoon and MMO genre.  Plus, a little gambling never hurt anybody!  Play-money gambling, that is.


How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?:  There have been two updates so far.  I also received a personal message from the CEO after backing the project.

What Has the Experience Been:  Just backed this morning, but very excited to start beta testing this game to see what can truly be done with this cross-genre venture.

Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?:  Absolutely.  I have a few friends who have been looking forward to new Roller Coaster Tycoon type games, and I will definitely recommend this to them.

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