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If you are looking for mobile accessories you have a host of options from which to choose. There are brick and mortar stores like Best Buy and there are online retailers like Amazon. One online retailer you might not think of first is MobileFun.co.uk. They recently reached out to us and challenged us to make a list of a few accessories we might need and then go shopping to see if their site offered the listed items. That’s exactly what we did and, as luck would have it, we found a plethora offerings in each and every category.

I decided I would come up with a list of iPad mini accessories and then go shopping. My list? A case, a stand and an adapter that would let me use non-lightning cables with the latest, greatest and smallest iPad.

In each case MobileFun had the right accessory.


The Cygnett Enigma For iPad Mini is just $39.99. It has “a clever folding design to reveal flexible viewing positions” and features

  • Unique folding cover for flexible viewing angles
  • Secure snap on rear with a soft-feel rubberised front cover
  • Access to all ports and features without removing from the case

If you want a case that will not only protect your iPad mini but will also let you have a stand with you wherever you go this case is worth a look. We’ll be giving the sample away this weekend so stay tuned! Learn more and order yours here on the MobileFun website.

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The Stump 3-in-1 Tablet Stand is one of the simplest but best stands for tablets currently on the market. We reviewed it here. The Stump lets you “position your tablet or eReader safely in one of three different viewing angles with the sturdy and compact Stump 3-in-1 Tablet Stand.” It works fantastically well and, at under $25, is a bargain too! You can find details and order your here.

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Finally, I didn’t want to rely solely on Apple’s lightning connector and, instead, wanted to also have the option to use one of the many microUSB cables I have. Fortunately MobileFun carries those adapters as well. The Genuine Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter lets you connect any of Apple’s current generation mobile devices to a micro USB cable to sync and charge. How convenient is that?

When shopping you’ll want to compare prices since I found some items to come at a premium but the convenience of finding it all in one place was quite nice. The best news is that MobileFun doesn’t just have the iPad mini covered. If you use an iPhone you’ll find a host of iPhone 5 accessories waiting for you. And that holds for pretty much any current device you might be using.

Our thanks to MobileFun.co.uk for letting us take this “shopping spree”.

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