GekkoPod Is the Everything Mount You Need for All of Your Handhelds

Let’s face it, selfies suck when you have to hold the camera yourself. And honestly who wants to see your arm in majority of the image? Zuckerim Inc., a clever accessory company launched their second mounting solution for handheld devices that might solve your problem.

The GekkoPod, a self-proclaimed “everything mount” was launched by the company earlier today; the family owned and operated company is seeking to raise $15,000 through Kickstarter to bring their durable smartphone/GoPro/Camera mount to the market.

GekkoPod is the Everything Mount You Need For All Of Your Handhelds

We at Gear Diary like to use products like the Gekkopod for reviewing products via video, but the GekkoPod would be perfect for families during the holidays attempting to get everyone in that image via self-timer. I know I will be giving the in-laws one as a gift as we always take a picture around the holiday season and our current mounting solution isn’t the best to say the least.

GekkoPod is the Everything Mount You Need For All Of Your Handhelds

Zuckerim created GekkoPod to solve a worldwide program – the selfie stick. Even though they are a trend, they aren’t always the best solution for taking all of your snaps. And with Zuckerim creating valued products like appliances, housewares, entertainment and consumer electronics, it’s no surprise they created this lifestyle accessory that virtually anyone could use.

GekkoPod is the Everything Mount You Need For All Of Your Handhelds

Weighing in at only 50 grams, it could easily be carried in your bag. The mount folds for easy storage and can keep devices secure with it’s protective grip. It’s five durable legs can be contoured and adjusted to hold smartphones, pocket cameras, and even that GoPro of yours. The set up is simple and easy to use. Coming with a standard 1/4-20’ mount, it will fit most standard sized cameras. It’s absolutely perfect for sitting your phone at your desk or home as well, with enough room to plug into the charger.

GekkoPod is the Everything Mount You Need For All Of Your Handhelds

But there are multiple ways to secure your phone and various ways to prop them up. From holding your GPS steady on your car dashboard, to holding your GoPro on ski poles, and yes, if you chose, you can decide to hold it up for that selfie you just HAVE to take.

“Phones sit awkwardly on desk, under pillows, and in pockets; the phone itself is an amazing technology but we are never sure where to physically place it,” said Boaz Zucker, Co-founder and CEO of Zuckelm. “We wanted to create a solution that will give people the durability and flexibility to take their devices on all their adventures.”

GekkoPod is the Everything Mount You Need For All Of Your Handhelds

If you back the GekkoPod early enough you can get it for $12. And for a $24 donation, you can receive the GekkoPod with a ballhead that has a 360-degree rotation and a 90-degree tilt knob to fine tune compositions, or simply switch between portrait and landscape.

What are you waiting for? Go to their Kickstarter today and back it!

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