The Stump Stand Review – Sometimes Simplicity Is Best

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Sometimes the simplest accessories are the best accessories. That’s right, something it doesn’t need to be complicated for it to be remarkably useful. That’s the case with this new tablet/eReader stand The Stump. The Stump is what it claims to be – it is a stump of rubber. It looks like a tree trunk that’s been cut down at an angle. It’s simple. It’s not exciting. Best of all, it does the job. Here’s a quick look and a chance to win one.

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Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this accessory. Let’s let the company explained what The Stump is, what it does and then, let’s talk about how you can win one.

The Stump is a 3 in 1 iPad stand. So versatile, it can be used with other tablets, eReaders and cell phones.

Portable: This is a stand that is small, yet tough and sturdy.

Unique: It can hold your device in three different positions – Ramp, Lean, and Upright.

Versatility: Works with tablets, eReaders, cell phones…

Design: Minimalist approach to design and functionality.

The minimalist design of the Stump makes it an ideal home base for all of your portable electronic devices. Whether your device is actively storing, charging, synching, or simply waiting for it’s next use, the Stump offers a stable home and a clean presentation. And sure, it is highly portable- but it is also low profile, so you can keep multiple Stumps throughout your living environment: at your desk, on the kitchen counter, on your nightstand, in your car- practically anywhere.

Stump  The Portable Tablet Stand iPad Holder

To put your tablet in Ramp Position, simply just lay your device on top of the Stump. Your device will appear to be floating on top of the table at just the perfect angle.

Lay it down horizontally and you have the perfect “keyboard” position for typing, emailing, or web surfing.

Place your device in Portrait Mode and you can play a friendly game of “Words with Friends.” Adjust the angle by resting the bottom of the tablet closer or farther from the Stump.

To use your device in Lean Position, use the TOP step of the Stump. This holds the tablet in a slightly leaning position, perfect for watching a video or reading a book.

Use the Upright Position by sliding your device into the BOTTOM step of the Stump. This will hold the tablet in a position for gaming, surfing, and charging.

Your device always has a home with the Stump, storing it and keeping it off hard surfaces that tend to scratch the back of your device.

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The Stump is 3.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall, lending itself to true portability. It is weighted for stability, but still at just 8.5 ounces offers the perfect size and shape for grab-and-go use. The durable rubber-like design both gently cradles your device without abrasion, and “grips” the table surface for a nonslip experience.

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Beyond the iPad:

Not only is the Stump compatible with iPads, but also other tablets that are up to .5 inches in thickness. It is perfect for iPhones, and various other smart phones. And it acts as an extra set of hands with your eReader, holding your Kindle or Nook for a comfortable reading experience. Essentially, if your device is .5 inches thick or less (at entry point), the Stump is the stand for you.

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I like The Stump’s simplicity. It can sit on a desk in the most unassuming manner and to be ready to take your tablet or e-book reader from your hands whenever you need it to. Because it is as heavy as it is it won’t go anywhere and the tablet won’t topple over. Because it’s made of soft rubber it won’t scratch your device. And because it has a large enough opening cut into it, The Stump will hold a tablet even when it is in most cases.

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When I first saw the Stump I thought $24.95 was a bit on the pricey side for what it is. Having used it fora few days however, I am sold on the design, utility and value.

You can check out the Stump and order your own here in the “Stump Store“.

MSRP: $24.95

What I Like: Simple design; Holds a wide range of tablets and eReaders in 3 different positions; accepts tablets in cases; won’t scratch your device

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. It is simplicity at its finest and utility at its simplest.

How To Win One: Simply watch this space and take a close look. We have two Stumps to give away!




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