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January 30, 2013 • Gear Bits, News

PowerCup Car Charger Handles Your Devices on the Road

Images courtesy USBFever

Images courtesy USBFever

As our mobile environments are becoming more and more connected these days we struggle to accommodate the plethora of devices some of us carry with us and even use while on the road or stuck in traffic.

Enter the PowerCup Car Charger and Tablet holder from Here is a device that anchors in a center console cupholder and expands power functionality inside the vehicle by offering two cigarette lighter-style sockets and two 5V USB ports for charging mobile devices. A short flexible stalk leads to an expandable holder for your Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.


Of course, neither USBFever nor Gear Diary advocates using any device while driving but with the flexibility offered with the new PowerCup front or rear seat passengers could work on the road as the only prerequisite is a cupholder, a power outlet and a tablet and/or phone.

The kit includes the cup holder charger base, the tablet holder, and one power cable. Here are the specs from the manufacturer:
– 2 USB Charging Sockets (5V2.1A & 5V1A)
– 2 Cigar Charging Sockets
– Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 80″C.
– Maximum Weight Load: 2 Kg (or 4 lb).
– Input: 12V DC
– Output: 5V DC, 3.1A”
– suitable for cup holder socket diameter from 70 ~ 115mm

The PowerCup Car Charger is available from for $69.99 USD.

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