Brincatti Easy Fill Travel Bottles Review

Brincatti Easy Fill Travel Bottles Review

While visiting the LA Times Travel Show over the weekend, I didn’t expect to run into too many tech or gadget related items, but to my surprise, there were several gadget travel related booths.  While my wife was signing up for every time-share contest in the place, I got a chance to visit with a few.

I got to chat for a minute with Kenny Brincat representing his Brincatti Easy Fill Travel Bottles.  They are sold in a set of 4, 3 snap top and 1 spray pump bottle each with a 3oz capacity. What makes these bottles different from the bottles sold at every corner drug or chain store?  These creative bottles have not one, but 2 ways to unscrew and fill.  The smaller snap or spray tops unscrew to fill, like most other travel bottles, but the top of the bottle itself also unscrews to create a wide opening for filling.  This is beyond helpful as anyone who has ever tried to pour shampoo from a big bottle into one of the travel sized bottles knows.  The wide opening makes filling these bottles a cinch and with so much less mess!

Brincatti Easy Fill Travel Bottles Review

The set of 4 bottles come in a clear 1 quart heavy vinyl zip top bag that is TSA compliant. The vinyl they use is a much higher quality than the ones you would find at the chain store.  (Yes, they had some of them at their booth so you could feel the difference – good planning on their part!)  Included in the kit is a set of adhesive labels for 10 of the most common types of personal hygiene items, like shampoo and body wash.  Each of the bottle bodies has quite a bit of green printing and branding.  Personally, I’d like just a bit less printing on the bottle, especially because the only place left to stick the labels is on the back of the bottles, and I’m just OCD enough that that seems backwards to me.  The only other thing that I would change is the ability to choose what types of bottles are included in your kit.  Personally, I could use more than 1 spray bottle in a kit.  I’d also love it if the vinyl bag left a bit of room to include a few other items, so that I didn’t need to carry more than 1 bag.  For any companies interested in using these as a promotional item, there is a bulk purchase option and the vinyl bag can be branded with your company information.

If you’re in the market for refillable travel bottles, I’d recommend choosing Brincatti Easy Fill Travel Bottles.  You’ll never have to worry about making a mess filling your own again!


MSRP:  9.99  for one kit, and $14.99 for 2, plus shipping.

What I liked:  The wide mouth opening makes filling these bottles easy. High quality, TSA compliant carrying bag.

What Needs Improvement:  The ability to choose or change which bottles are included in the kit, and a bit less branding on the bottle or a space to put the labels on the front part of the bottles and a bit more room left inside the bag to add other items.

Source:  Manufacturer Supplied Review Sample

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