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Super stickman golf 2

Did you download it yet?  What are you waiting for?  Fine, I’ll tell you a little bit about the game, first.  Super Stickman Golf 2 for iOS is the highly anticipated sequel to the extremely popular, award-winning title of the same name from developers Noodlecake Studios.  The series, on the surface, plays like a golf game where the goal is to hit a golf ball into a cup on a putting green in the fewest amount of strokes possible.  However, deep down, the game is truly a 2-dimensional physics puzzle game where you must figure out the shortest possible path to the goal using all of the tricks at your disposal.  We’ll talk about the “tricks” in specifics a little bit later in this review.

super stickman golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 includes 20 dynamic 9 hole courses, new power-up abilities, customizable characters, and 60 achievements to keep those trophy hunters playing for a long time.  And of course, Noodlecake had to bring back online multiplayer for this reboot.  Not only is the popular race mode returning, but they’ve also added a turn-based multiplayer mode.  This is an asynchronous golf match where you play against friends or strangers, each of you taking turns playing two holes at a time and then watching your opponent play two holes. What’s great about the turn-based multiplayer is that you can play a couple of holes at a time on your own schedule, rather than needing to remain on your phone for all 9 holes in a row.  When your opponent has completed his next two holes, you’ll be notified that it’s your turn again.  Race mode is the classic Super Stickman Golf multiplayer experience where you can play against 3 opponents online or 8 players locally in order to race through a 9 hole course in order to see who can finish first.


In addition to the characters that you can unlock throughout your play, you can also unlock hats in order to customize those characters.  Each hat has a different ability; some may give you a leg-up on the competition and some may just change the color of the water hazards.  Some of the hats include the Pirate’s Hat, which I alluded to just now, it changes the color of the water hazards to blood-red.  I won’t spoil all the surprises for you, but there are also hats that give you a slower power gauge as well as a hat that assures you won’t get charged a penalty stroke if you land in the water.  Currently, I’m playing as a zombie golfer wearing a pirate’s hat.  The hats are earned by gambling golf bux in the “Hat Lottery.”  The more bux you risk, the more likely you are to get a new hat.  There are 10 golf bux scattered throughout each course.  You can also earn golf bux through multiplayer matches and completing achievements.


The “tricks” I spoke about earlier are called power-ups and include special abilities like the “Sticky Ball” which allows the ball to stick to the first surface it encounters.  Another example is the “Nitro Ball” which gives you two extra bursts of speed during your shot.  Sticky Ball and Nitro Ball are carry-overs from the original Super Stickman Golf, but Noodlecake has added a few new power-ups as well. One of which is the “Laser Ball” which continues in a straight path until it hit’s a surface and falls to the ground.  These are just a few of the abilities you can unlock while hitting the links in Super Stickman Golf 2.


But wait, there’s more!  Some new additions to the gameplay include environmental obstacles like magnets, portals and lasers.  As you might have guessed, portals will transport you to another location on the hole.  Magnets will repel your ball away from their center.  You’ll want to steer clear of the lasers, if you catch my drift.  My favorite change to the game is that unlike the first Super Stickman Golf, you actually get to choose your power-ups as you’re playing the course as opposed to choosing them before you start your round.  This means that you don’t have to plan ahead as much with your power-up selection and get stuck mid-round needing that ever important hazard swap power-up.  Noodlecake has also included an awesome new chiptune soundtrack that will keep your head bopping as you’re trying to move up on the leaderboards.

Look Ma, I'm on the leaderboard!

Look Ma, I’m on the leaderboard!

So, right about now I bet you’re wondering how well this all comes together?  Check out the title of this review for a hint.  Super Stickman Golf 2 combines the slick, challenging game play of the original Super Stickman Golf with exciting new challenges, power-ups, and environmental obstacles.  Pardon the cliche, but Noodlecake has really scored a hole in one with this game.  I had a blast ripping through the courses in the beta test and upgrading my characters with new hats and power-ups and I’m actually thrilled that I get the chance to start over and do it all again.  The courses build up from easy to difficult in such a way that you slowly learn the best ways to go about your next shot.  The more challenging courses really force you to pay attention to every shot and figure out the best way to attack each hole.  The multiplayer modes work flawlessly and brings the same challenge as the single player mode but allows you to play against friends.  Super Stickman Golf 2 is a surefire winner and I expect it to bring home a few awards along with some more critical acclaim. Want some more good news?  Noodlecake has already confirmed that there will be more courses released in the future, so the game play will not stop after you’ve completed the original 180 holes.

If you aren’t convinced yet, check out this trailer:

You can purchase Super Stickman Golf 2 for iOS on the App Store for $0.99.

An ad-supported Super Stickman Golf 2 is available for free for Android on the Google Play store.

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