Seneo Fast Wireless Charger: Prop Your Phone up So You Can See It!

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Seneo Fast Wireless Charger: Prop Your Phone up So You Can See It! Listen to this article

If you’ve got a phone with wireless capabilities, you’re hopefully taking full advantage of the fact that you can charge your phone wirelessly in your car, at certain coffee shops, and in your home. So, what are you using at your desk? You could Prop your phone up for max visibility in an inexpensive yet powerful Seneo Fast Wireless Charger!

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger: Prop Your Phone up So You Can See It!

Included in the box are the Seneo fast wireless charger and a Type-C cable. The Seneo measures approximately 4.75″ tall by 2.75″ wide by 3.5″ deep; it is composed of soft-touch matte black plastic.

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger: Prop Your Phone up So You Can See It!

The outside isn’t much to look at; it’s a simple black stand, but the flashes of silver metal on the sides are nice. There are four non-slip pads on the bottom to keep the stand from scooting, and it has a 1/2″ ledge to perch your phone on. The back of the charger has a Type-C port for the included power cable, and there is an on/off power switch built into the rear ledge.

What you can’t see are the twin wireless charging coils built into the stand. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5 (QC2.0 or above adapter is required), then you’ll be able to enjoy fast charging. If you’ve got an iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, then you’ll get standard charging — don’t blame Seneo — that’s Apple’s fault! 

There’s a built-in LED bar on the front of the charger that will glow blue when the charger is connected to power. When your Android phone is connected and fully charged, the light will turn green. Oddly enough, on the iPhone 8, 8+, and X, the blue light won’t change to green even when the iPhone is fully charged; that’s just something to keep in mind. Since I don’t have this year’s iPhone, I couldn’t test that, but I am taking Seneo’s word for it.

The light will flash blue if the case you’re using is incompatible or if a foreign object is blocking the charger from working on your phone. I use the Pitaka Aramid case on my Note8, it has metal strategically embedded inside so it will work with their various Mag accessories, but there is no conflict.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger: Prop Your Phone up So You Can See It!

Having my phone propped up and visible when I’m at my desk saves me from having to constantly reach over to it and hold it up to check for texts or other notifications; it’s hugely convenient! Being able to tap out replies with my hands on either side of the phone held up in the stand is rather convenient, too!

If you sit at a desk for much of the day, and you would like a more convenient way to keep an eye on your phone while it’s charging, the Seneo Fast Wireless Charger is an inexpensive device that will get the job done.

The Seneo Fast Wireless Charger retails for $21.99, and it is available from Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Simple design; Twin coils for fast charging on Android phones with QC2 built in; Light changes from blue to green when charging is complete on Android phones; Having my phone held up makes it convenient to see texts and other notifications as they roll in

What Needs Improvement: Apple still doesn’t have fast charging — not that it’s Seneo’s fault. 😉

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