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beyzacases aston martin

Gorgeous. That’s the word Judie and I seem to always use when describing Beyzacases products. And why do we use the word “gorgeous”? Simple… they are. Beyzacases uses only the finest leather for their products and then painstakingly design and craft their wares. The result are some of the finest leather accessories on the market. The Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves are no exception. In fact, they are not only gorgeous but they are exceptionally functional as well. We walked away from our time at the booth during CES with two Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves for review. Review them we shall and then, in the next few days, we will give them away.

beyzacases aston martin

First up it is worth noting that the company’s presentation is as good as it comes. In this case the Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves come in a high-quality box embossed with the Aston Martin name and logo.

beyzacases aston martin

Inside each box of the Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves is a felt pouch. It has a drawstring to keep it securely closed. Just in case you forgot that these are part of the Beyzacases Aston Martin line, on the pouch is… once again… the Aston Martin name and logo. Yes, it costs the company more to ship their Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves in such a high-quality box and pouch but it is these details that help make these the luxury items they are.

The first sample of the Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves is the “Slim V” for iPhone 5. The case is made from blemish-less leather and contrasting seams. As Beyzacases explains, “The distinctive curves of Slim V echo those of an Aston Martin, whilst the exquisite leather hints at the car’s interior”. The combination is gorgeous. The Aston Martin name is embossed on one side of the pouch while the company logo is on the other. Normally I don’t like logos on my products but the Aston Martin wings are so cool that I love having them there.

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The Slim V for iPhone 5 case opens at the bottom. This not only lets you charge the phone while it is in the case but it also helps with removing the phone from the sleeve and allow for audio transfer when the iPhone is in the Slim V. Available in black, brown, tan and camel, the Slim V for iPhone 5 is $90. Learn more here.

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The second of the Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves we have in hand is the Slim ID. A simple pouch with a curved top and a secondary slot on the front. The upper curve adds visual interest but, unfortunately, leaves one corner of the iPhone 5 exposed. I like the fact that the design makes it easy to remove your phone- simply grab the corner- but I don’t like having a protective case that isn’t fully protective. The secondary slot adds even more interest and is perfect for ID and credit cards for those occasions when you want to leave your wallet at home. Like the Slim V, the pouch has the Aston Martin name on one side and the company logo on the other. Volume holes toward the bottom allow for sound to flow out of the phone without needing to remove the device. The Slim ID is available in black, brown, tan and camel for $103.

I like the Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone Sleeves despite their shortcomings. Of the two the Slim V is my favorite thanks to its ability to full protect the iPhone 5 when it is inside. If you like using a sleeve-style pouch to protect your iPhone on the go and enjoy gorgeous leather you’ll want to check these cases out. The Beyzacases Aston Martin iPhone 5 Sleeves are available directly from the manufacturer.

Disclaimer: Beyzacases is a Gear Diary advertiser.

MSRP: $90-$103

What I Like: Gorgeous leather; Striking designs; Amazing quality finish

What Needs Improvement: Phone needs to be removed for full use; Slim ID leaves one corner of the phone exposed

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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  1. James Kingstone | November 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm |

    Neither of them look as though they ofter good protection. The Slim V would collect all the rubbish and dirt at the bottom of your pocket and as mentioned the Slim ID decides to expose a quarter of the phone. A shame as they look lovely.

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