Mobvoi TicPods Free: True Wireless Headphones for the Masses

Mobvoi’s TicPods Free are a great option for Android users who want similarly styled wireless headphones as their Apple Airpod brethren. With 18-hour battery life, in-ear detection, noise cancellation, and touch controls, the TicPods Free are packed with convenient features. With access to voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, etc. the TicPods are compatible with almost every smartphone.

The TicPods Free come in a small carrying case that doubles as a charger, so you’ve always got a charger available in a pinch. The case is then charged using a microUSB cable, which is included. The TicPods themselves have a 4-hour battery life on their own while the case can hold up to 18 hours of battery life. The case protects the wireless earbuds while traveling, however, it’s not as thick as some other cases. Another convenient feature is that the TicPods Free come with a silicon lanyard so you can clip them to your bag, your belt, or anything else.

Mobvoi built some really nice touch controls into the TicPods Free, which allow you to very easily control your music without taking your phone out of your pocket. The outside of the stem of the earbud is touch-sensitive. You can drag your finger up or down to control volume, you can long-press on the right bud to active your voice assistant, or double tap to skip songs.

Charging case and lanyard

Last but not least, the earbuds have in-ear detection which allows the headphones to automatically make your music stop when you take one or both of the buds out of your ear. This is a great feature for when someone comes up to you and wants to talk to you, you simply take a bud out of your ear, music pauses, and then resumes once you put your earbud back in.

The TicPods free also allow you to hear your phone conversation in both ears, which is a nice touch, although it can feel like you can’t hear yourself, so you may speak louder than you normally would. In my tests, I did not have a great experience talking on the phone, as the other person told me it sounded like I was in a crowded bar. However, I was on the streets of NYC, where there is a lot of outside noise, so that may be why.

The TicPods Free are IPX5 water and dust resistant, which means you should be able to use them in the rain without worrying about them getting ruined. This is also good for working out so your sweat shouldn’t get inside and destroy the electronics.

Everything that comes in the box.

I’m a fan of the TicPods Free, as they fit nicely and are adjustable, with two different sizes of silicone tips to ensure a great fit for everyone. They come in some fun colors like Navy, Lava, and White. They sound very good, they are easy to use, and they’re compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

You can get yours directly from Mobvoi.

Source: The TicPods Free were a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like:  Nice design; Universal compatibility; Great battery life; Good sound quality; Water and dust resistant

What Needs Improvement:  They feel a bit cheap compared to Airpods

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