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April 3, 2013 • News

Introducing The Mood Simple Shell iPhone 5 Case

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I am sure we have all had or seen the old mood ring. You know the ring that changed colors and could show others how you were feeling. If you do not remember the rings, surely you wore a hyper color t-shirt back in the late 80’s. For those wondering where these stylish technologies have gone, you are in luck. What better way to show your colors than on the back of an iPhone 5? Grantwood Technology is now shipping the Mood Simple Shell case for the iPhone 5 which will react to the temperature of your skin and change colors.

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Colors on the mood case will range from black to orange to red to green to blue. When the case is cool, it appears black then will begin to change colors as fingers warm the surface.

The protective case allows access to all ports and buttons and can even accomodate the 30 pin to lightning adapter. If it is preferred to hide your mood, there are also pink, black, green and snow colors. The snow, pink and green cases also glow in the dark.

The Mood Simple Shell case for iPhone 5 is currently available here from Amazon for $21.99

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