Reason to jailbreak #89: Infinidock

Still looking for a reason to jailbreak?  Infinidock is an incredibly helpful utility for the iPhone OS.  In my opinion it might just be the most useful add-on application released for the iPhone to date.

The concept is quite simple.  Infinidock  allows you to place any number of icons (up to 10) in your dock. And then turns your dock into its very own springboard allowing you to swipe and scroll through the various icons.

You may also, in the settings, configure, the number of icons you see on your dock by default. For example, if you place 10 icons in your dock, but set the default number of icons to five, you’ll have created two docks that you may now scroll through.

This becomes incredibly helpful for putting your most commonly used applications into.  I currently have nine icons in my dock which amounts to two separate springboard like docks that I’m able to scroll through no matter what springboard page I’m resting on.

Infinidock can be downloaded via Cydia for $.99.

Want to see it in action? Click here for a YouTube video.

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