Wind Up Your Car Trip with a Winding Cable Car Charger


GearDiary Wind Up Your Car Trip with a Winding Cable Car Charger

USBFever’s Car Charger with Winding Cable Device for iPhone

A great bane of connected driving can often be pesky power cables snaking across the car’s dashboard console, looking for all the world like albino spaghetti for iPhone users. What to do if the cable in question is too long and bowing out dangerously close to your arm, just itching for a wayward hand or elbow to catch the cable? Just as equally important, when the car trip is over do you loosely wind up the cable, throw it in your glove compartment and hope for the best? Well our ever intrepid friends at have introduced their Car Charger with Winding Cable Device for iPhone, a clever car charger that can help reduce or solve those problems.

The Car Charger, in addition to providing output voltage of around DC 5V and helping protect your iPhone with overcurrent, overvoltage and short-circuit protection, possesses a pair of three-lobed plastic “petals” that server to hold your iPhone cable (cable not included). When driving, simply plug in your iPhone cable, wrap as much or as little around the charger petals and connect to your iPhone. Once you have completed your journey, be it to work, school, store or perhaps the local hipster coffee joint (because we know you’ll just be dying to show off your charger), unplug the cable and wind it up between the petals again into a neat, tidy package.

In addition to serious black, the Car Charger with Winding Cable Device for iPhone (okay, it won’t win any prizes for such a utilitarian name) comes in Blue, Pink and White. Apple users , a note of caution…for those accustomed to minimalist white hardware, the brightly colored blue and pink (his and hers?) might startle you. Now that you’ve been warned, you wind up this post and wind your way through cyberspace to and check the charger out at $13.99. The charger is also compatible with several Samsung Galaxy variants and Samsung Notes, as well as a number iPod Nanos and iPod Touch models.

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