LapDawg’s o-Stand Review – Expensive, Impractical, and Awkward


LapDawg's o-Stand

I have been looking for a convenient way to read from my iPad while freeing up the use of my hands.  I’ve tried makeshift holders made from pillows and magazines, and I’ve tried maneuvering my case to double as a mini stand, but nothing has really worked.  The o-Stand by LapDawg seemed like the perfect solution.  I could use a completely adjustable iPad stand to hold my iPad at any angle without having to hold it.  According to LapDawg’s website, the o-stand has a number of appealing features:

  • 4 removable metallic “flexy” legs that you simply bend to any shape allowing creativity in how you want your iPad or tablet held
  • Universal.  Works with iPad 1, 2, 3 (HD), iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Sony eReader, Nook, and Kobo!
  • Versatile.  Max height of 31.5 inches to a Min. height of 6 inches as a tablet/iPad holder
  • 360 degree rotatable ball joint allowing landscape or portrait modes.
  • Ergonomic.  Bendable neck for perfect viewing adjustments.
  • Comfort.  Use your device in bed lying down or sitting up.

The o-Stand seemed like the perfect stand; I could use it to read while on the couch, watch movies in bed, and follow recipes on the kitchen counter.

LapDawg's o-Stand

Assembling the o-Stand was very simple.  The box came with directions, but as my fiancée will tell you, I tend to try out my own methods before checking the directions.  My only problem with the assembly is that if you want to remove one of the “flexy” legs, you must use the wrench that came with the stand.  I would have liked to see a mini pouch or compartment that holds the wrench so that it is accessible when I need it.

LapDawg's o-Stand

I had no trouble placing the iPad into the stand.  I like how the holder is adjustable so that I can leave my case on.  Unfortunately, I was unable to adjust the iPad to a comfortable position because the weight of the iPad seemed to be too heavy for the adjustable neck.

LapDawg's o-Stand

This is how I wanted the iPad to stay

LapDawg's o-Stand

This is what kept happening

My first real test was using the o-Stand to read a book while sitting on the couch.  The legs were extremely awkward to situate.  I tend to move around a lot and every time I adjusted myself, I had to readjust the stand.  Due to the awkward nature of the legs, getting up is also quite difficult.  The phone rang while I was reading and I had to find a way to rest the entire stand against the couch without risking the iPad crashing to the ground.  Overall, I like the idea of the o-Stand, but it was not a very practical solution to hands-free reading on the couch.

LapDawg's o-Stand

Next, I tried to use the stand to hold my iPad as I followed a recipe.  I wanted to remove one of the legs, but I didn’t want to spend time looking for the wrench that I had thrown into the drawer.  Once I finally got the stand situated, I barely had any counter space to use for actual cooking.

Another concern with the LapDawg o-Stand is the way you adjust the iPad.  You need to reach behind the iPad, which completely shields your view, and thumb around a couple knobs, hoping to adjust the correct one.  I would prefer if the neck were made of the same material as the leg, so you could adjust the iPad simply by grabbing the iPad and moving it.

LapDawg's o-Stand

My final concern was with storage.  I purchased a $7 basic collapsible stand for my iPad that stores discreetly in my kitchen drawer.  This stand is fairly massive and heavy and I have yet to find a convenient location for storing it.

The o-Stand is an attempt at making life with the iPad a little bit easier, but in reality, it only made my life with the iPad somewhat more cumbersome than it needs to be.

MSRP: $79.00 from

What I Like:  When you get the stand situated perfectly, the hands-free experience is very nice; you can adjust the stand to fit an iPad, Kindle, Nook, or any other similarly sized tablet.

What Needs Improvement:  The stand is too cumbersome; it cannot support the full weight of the iPad; difficult to store; awkward to use

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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