Magnet Stick-On Periscope Lense for iPhone and Camera Phones Surfaces


 GearDiary Magnet Stick-On Periscope Lense for iPhone and Camera Phones Surfaces

The good folks at USBFever work very hard to bring plenty of the most unusual peripherals and accessories for iPhones and other smartphones to the market. From the most simple and functional to the rather esoteric offbeat tech, USBFever has got you covered! Take camera lens add-ons for cell phones. Some of you might think, “What else is there, more zoom to the telescopic lenses?” No, you’d be wrong there. The latest to swim into view is in fact the curious Magnet Stick-On Periscope Lens for the iPhone and Camera Phones.

Maybe you are tired of having to be obvious when trying to take pictures or video footage with your phone, not wanting to look like lemmings at a concert or other venue snapping up smartphones like everyone else around you, for all the world looking like Mao’s Cultural Revolutionaries holding up their Red Books in unison. For someone who wants to be a bit different or maybe play super-spy, the Magnet Stick-On Periscope Lens allows users to keep their phones down while being able to view images in front. Simply attach the adhesive metal ring to the phone camera orifice, then attach the Periscope Lens as needed when your photography needs strike. If a non-techie asks what you are doing, you can tell them you are improving your antenna range.

GearDiary Magnet Stick-On Periscope Lense for iPhone and Camera Phones Surfaces

So if you’ve got the itch to be unobtrusive in your photography or videography, the Magnet Stick-On Periscope Lens may be just the ticket for you. After all,  what celebrity would suspect the person sitting at the next table, hunkered down and busying himself or herself with a smartphone could be taking pictures on the sly? Not me, but then I’m not a celebrity or part of the glitterati. If this sounds like an intriguing smartphone camera add-on for you, head on over to the USBFever website and check it out, currently priced at $18.99. If you get one, let us know, or heck, send us some sample pics!

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