MonCarbone Peak iPhone 5 Case Review

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monCarbone iPhone 5 Peak Case in Luminous Silver

I went through a phase where I wanted my iPhone 5 to be as naked as possible. While I was going through that phase, I managed to drop my iPhone 5 and put a healthy dent in its top edge.

You didn’t know that I was known for being a klutz and a butterfingers? Well, I am … famous for it, in fact.

Thankfully my phone’s screen didn’t shatter, but what was I thinking?!  Yeah, it was great that the front and back glass of my iPhone were covered by a Bodyguardz skin, but my corners were completely exposed … and that’s the area that took the hit.

Live and learn.

While at CES, Dan and I visited monCarbone‘s suite at the HLV; it had been a while since we had reviewed any of their items, and we were both impressed so see all of their new iPhone and iPad cases and covers. One of the cases that caught my eye was their new Peak, a carbon fiber — or in the silver models, a specially coated woven fabric — iPhone 5 case with a hunchback.

monCarbone iPhone 5 Peak Case in Luminous Silver

The Peak weighs almost nothing, and it adds hardly anything extra to the width or length of the iPhone. It’s only when you flip the iPhone over and see its diamond faceted back that you’ll notice any extra bulk. There are ample cutouts all around the case so that buttons, switches, ports and speakers are all left exposed — and yet each corner is protected. The only caveat is that the case does not come up slightly past the edge of the iPhone’s screen, so there is no face-down protection for the screen. As long as you have a protector on the screen, you should be okay; unfortunately, one is not included with this case.

monCarbone iPhone 5 Peak Case in Luminous Silver

The eponymous peak serves more of a function that just to give the case a some extra visual appeal, it also allows the iPhone to lie at a slightly raised angle; this angle is perfect for glancing at when the iPhone is lying on a table or desk.

monCarbone iPhone 5 Peak Case in Luminous Silver

A second function served by the Peak’s hunchback is that it creates a perfect little stash spot for small flat items. I should also mention that the entire interior of the case feels like it is coated in a soft, slightly rubbery satiny finish; this is probably to keep it from scratching the iPhone’s back glass.


It’s always interesting to me to see which of the cases I carry will get a reaction from those who see it. Sometimes no one says a word at all about what’s covering my iPhone, and other times I’ll get looks or comments. I had the Peak on my iPhone when Dan and I went to eat at the Noodle House at Caesar’s. Our waitress actually picked up my phone to look at its case, and then asked me where I got it! So in other words, this is definitely the case to use if you don’t mind getting comments and eyeballs.

The Peak may not be the most protective case available, I can’t imagine using it while hiking or carrying it to a job site and expecting it to survive a nasty fall or a crushing blow … however! The Peak does offer solid corner protection that should be sufficient for most corner drops, and it is dressy enough that it would look great on an evening out.

The Peak iPhone 5 case is available directly from monCarbone.

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Amazingly thin and light; full corner protection; looks beautiful; will get looks and comments

What Needs Improvement: Does not offer face-down protection for the iPhone, so you should use a screen protector


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