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May 22, 2013 • News

Carry Yours Cards, Cash and Phone in Style With Waterfield’s New Finn Leather Wallets

Waterfield Finn Leather Wallets

With the advent of such things as Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook there is a growing interest in virtual wallets. At the same time the need for a physical wallets is as great as ever. We looked at high-tech options like the Flipside Wallet and minimalist options like V??? llc CNC Aluminum Wallet. Flipside has even jumped into the super-minimalist waters with their STRATA wallet. Waterfield’s new Finn Leather Wallets look like a great addition to the growing number of options currently available. As Waterfield puts it, the Finn Wallets offer “a good balance between functionality and minimalism”.

The wallet comes in two sizes.

Waterfield Finn Leather Wallets

The Size 25 holds over 20 credit cards and an assortment of cash.

Waterfield Finn Leather Wallets

The Size 27 is a bit larger. While it holds just 15 credit cards and assorted bills it also has enough room for you to toss your iPhone inside and take it on the go.

Waterfield Finn Leather Wallets

The Finn wallets are made from supple, naturally deer-tanned leather and come in six different colors. Self-locking zippers make sure all the contents stay safely inside.

Available for pre-order for $29 each the new Finn arrives just in time for Father’s Day. Details and ordering can be found here.

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