I Reviewed It and Still Use It: Flipside 2X Wallet Edition (News, Too!!)


We reviewed the Flipside 2X wallet last fall. It is an unusual wallet that is made from hard plastic, offers limited storage and has RFID shielding so the evil people trying to steal your information right from your credit cards without even touching them.


Our conclusion?

What I Like: Keeps you organized; keeps cards in place until you want them; opens with the tap of a button; cards slide out easily; prevents “wallet creep”; offers RFID theft protect

What Needs Improvement: Nothing really comes to mind other than the fact that it would be great if they offered two models — a slim and a larger one for more cards and perhaps even a travel model that is even larger


Almost a year later I’m still using it AND it looks brand new. No, I don’t like the blue color any more than I did when I first saw it, but hey, it was a review unit and they were kind enough to send it so I have nothing to complain about. (You can read our full review here.)

Well the other night we went out for dinner with some close friends. (Great Greek in Montclair NJ.) When the time came to pay he pulled out his wallet and…

Photo 2

Yup, he has a FlipSide wallet. I asked him where he heard about it and he replied, “Duh, I read about it last fall on Gear Diary.”

Glad we could help Laurence!! 🙂

Today I received this email from Flipside.


We have some exciting news for all current and prospective Flipside 2X Wallet owners!

On Thursday, September 22nd, we will be launching a NEW accessory for the Flipside 2X Wallet. This extremely useful new accessory is able to attach to and integrate with the Flipside 2X in order to increase the total capacity of the wallet.

There are some Flipside 2X owners out there who have stated their desire to hold just a bit more in the wallet, as they are unwilling to part with some extra cards. This accessory will benefit these customers the most. However, we believe that almost all Flipside 2X owners will find lots of important uses for it! The accessory will be able to hold a wide variety of different cards as well as business cards.

This new accessory, its name, its price and all its features will be fully revealed on launch day, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd. We will send a detailed email about it to all of our email subscribers.

Until then, get excited–Your Flipside 2X is about to get even better!

What is the new accessory? No clue but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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