2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone Review

2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone

When I made the switch to Windows Phone, I had to start replacing my various “go-to” apps. Chief among them was a decent lightweight to-do manager. Something more robust than, say, “Reminders” on the iPhone, but it didn’t need to be a full-blown Getting Things Done organization system. I poked around Windowsphone.com, and noticed 2Day had a number of positive reviews. This has quickly become my favorite new productivity app; it is simple to use, with tons of customizable task options.

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2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone

2Day follows the Windows Phone “Metro” interface, meaning you can swipe back and forth to reach different areas of the app. You can break down tasks by category, and swipe between categories to see your outstanding tasks for each. There’s also a narrow strip along the top with icons for each category, as well as what is outstanding today and this week. If you don’t want to flip ahead several pages, you can tap the icon strip up top to go right to a specific area. The interface is fast, and I like how simple it is to move between drilled down category views and broader ones.

2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone

There’s a few great features built into 2Day that add to the productivity options. You can add an action to a task, programming in a phone number for a call or SMS or an email address for communication. The idea is that it automates the task that goes with the reminder, so if you need to call someone, 2Day helpfully queues up the phone number with the task at the appropriate time. My one wish is that I could add a URL option to the actions, since I often have reminders to pay bills, etc, and sending me right to the right website with a click would be handy. 2Day also integrates with voice commands, so you can dictate tasks, and you can sync with Exchange or Toodledo.

2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone

More importantly, for me at least, there’s deep levels of customizable notifications. You can set a reminder for anytime, and you can snooze reminders at various intervals from five minutes to an hour and beyond. I tend to procrastinate, and I love that I can ask the app to remind me at a time when I am reasonably sure I can actually complete the task. There’s also a Live Tile that lists all outstanding tasks, which is helpful if you’re a visual person.

2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone

2Day is a solid, fast, highly detailed to-do manager. At $1.99, it’s an absolute bargain, and a great way to stay productive and organized on Windows Phone. Heck, I’d put 2Day as one of my top to-do apps on any platform!

MSRP: $1.99 on Windows Phone Marketplace; free trial available

What I liked: Lots of snoozing options; live tile keeps you updated; lots of task actions to add to to-dos

What Needs Improvement: Would love a URL action for tasks


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