Lowepro Transit Series Offer City Style for Your Camera Gear

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Lowpro’s recently announced their new Transit Series of camera bags. This “design-forward” line is comprised of the Transit Sling 250 AW and Backpack 350 AW. Both bags feature fast-access, front to back rotation for rapid camera retrieval and UltraFlex™ fit system for endless organization options. The UltraFlex system is particularly interesting. The best way to understand what it offers is to see it in action.

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Both bags look great, are packed with features and are priced nicely. (The Transit Sling 250 AW is under $100 and the Transit Backpack 350 AW is under $120.) Which bag is right for you is going to depend on your specific gear needs and preferred carry-style.

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The Transit Backpack 350AW has a lot in common with the DSLR Video Fastpack 250AW I used for CES 2013. It has a slot for carrying and protecting a laptop and, thanks to a quick access side zipper, it provides easy access to you gear without ever having to take the bag off. The bag is ideal for a Pro DSLR setup with room for a Pro DSLR camera with a grip and attached lens of up to 70-200mm. There is also room for 1 or 2 extra lenses, a flash, a compact tripod, a 15″ laptop and accessories.

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Just $119.99, the bag weighs under 2.5 pounds when empty. Learn more and order yours here.

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Lowepro’s new Transit Sling 250AW is designed to five you flexibility while carrying a variety of gear. Ideal for those who love a sling style bag, the Transit Sling 250AW is especially good for mirrorless setups like my Sony NEX-6 but is large enough to accommodate larger cameras as well.

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When used with a smaller camera you can expect it to fit the camera, 2-3 additional lenses, a flash, a compact tripod, a 10″ tablet and accessories. When using the bag with a DSLR you can expect to carry DSLR with attached lens (up to 24-70mm for side access, or 70-200mm when stored vertically), 1 to 2 extra lenses, flash, compact tripod, a 10″ tablet and accessories.

The bag weighs under 2 pounds and is just $99.99. You can learn more and order yours.

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