Avadon 2 The Corruption Prepares to Bring Epic Fantasy RPG Back to the iPad

Avadon 2 The Corruption Prepares to Bring Epic Fantasy RPG Back to the iPad

Avadon 2 The Corruption Prepares to Bring Epic Fantasy RPG Back to the iPad

Spiderweb Software brought us the first full-scale, hardcore RPG with Avadon: The Black Fortress, now Jeff Vogel with the announcement of Avadon 2 The Corruption prepares to bring epic fantasy RPG back to the iPad! The game is the middle of the planned Avadon Trilogy, and you return to the Black Fortress as a spy and warrior fighting those who are the enemies of Avadon. Your word is law and your power is great, but your foes are powerful as well and you will need to use all of your skill and cunning to thwart the threat.

In Avadon 2: The Corruption you are dealing with a world that is collapsing – the fortress was shattered in a sneak attack, and the central power is no longer able to maintain order or keep the people safe. As Avadon’s power has faded, the people have needed it more than ever.

As a true classic-styled RPG, Avadon offers you loads of choices – there are five character classes, each with loads of unique abilities and spells. There are loads of unique dungeons filled with valuable loot and magical artifacts, as well as plentiful enemies. There is a huge world to explore, filled with dangers, secrets and quests.

I loved the original game when it came to the iPad, and am keenly interested in seeing how Spiderweb develops the story and RPG elements in this new entry. Avadon 2: The Corruption is due out for Mac, PC and iPad in Fall 2013.

Head to Spiderweb Software or to their Avadon 2 page for all the details! And keep your eyes on Gear Diary for all of the latest Avadon 2 details!

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