Accell Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station Review

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

Surge protectors are not the most interesting of accessories. At the same time they are an important part of getting your gear up, running and protected. Most of the time power strips with surge protection come in a straight line of outlets, but that is not the case with the Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station from Accell. It has a most unusual shape, and it is designed for today’s multi-device setups. Let’s take a look.

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

First and foremost, the Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station has room for six different plugs to connect at the same time. The unusual shape means large plug adapters can fit without blocking one another. When filled with plugs the device gets a bit crowded, but it certainly takes less space than the rectangular powers trips most of us use.

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

The adapter comes in black and white. The White Powramid has a green On/Off Switch, while the Black Powramid has a blue one. Each is hidden beneath a clear safety switch cover.

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

The unusual appearance is rather striking, but I would have preferred something a little less visually “unusual”.

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

The feature I like the most is the inclusion of two 2.1A USB charging ports. These are powerful enough to charge phones, tablets and other mobile devices. That means you can charge/power a total of eight different devices at a time. The Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station offers 1080 joules of surge protection at the end of six-foot power cord. It also includes what Accell refers to as “Power Stop Technology” that “automatically stops conducting power once the Powramid’s absorption has reached capacity”.

Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station

The bottom of the adapter has 4 rubber feet that protect the desk or table you place it on. In addition there are connection points on the bottom that allow you to hang the adapter if that better serves your needs.

In all the Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station is a great way to protect and charge multiple devices at the same time. If you like the traditional straight power strip design you may not like the Powramid. If, however, you want a design that keeps most large adapters from conflicting with one another it is a great option for your home or office. And at under $35 it is a small price to pay to keep your electronics safe. Trust me, as someone who recently lost a router, a microCell, and a backup harddrive thanks to a power surge, $34.99 is more than worth the expense. Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $34.99

What I Like: Unusual design allows you to plug six different devices in at the same time without the power adapters blocking/conflicting with one another; Two 2.1A USB ports let you charge two phones or tablets; Decent surge protection

What Needs Improvement: Unusual design and blue light on the black unit may or may not be to your liking

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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