Heading Back into the Office? You Need the WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve!

For over a year, my office has been here at home. Now, though, I’m preparing to return to the office part-time in the next few weeks. Many days that means carrying MacBook and an iPad. Since each serves a different purpose, thankfully, the new WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve is the perfect solution!

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

The fact that Waterfield is constantly coming up with new products is no surprise. The fact that Waterfield’s new products are always targeted at solving real-world needs shouldn’t be a surprise either. The Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve is one example of that. Let me explain why.

I’ve long used Waterfield sleeves for both my laptops and my iPads when carrying them. They do a fantastic job of protecting my devices, and they look good while doing it.

Despite the first iPad being closer to a huge iPod touch than anything else, I have hoped it would, at times, replace my laptop. As iPads have become increasingly popular and the iPadOS has brought increased functionality, flexibility, and speed, they have inched even closer to becoming a laptop replacement. But while there are times when my iPad and Bridge keyboard are more than enough to get my work done, I still find myself turning to a full computer running Mac OS for serious work. As a result, while there are days when I carry either an iPad OR a MacBook, there are also many days when I carry both. That’s where the new Waterfield sleeve fits in.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

The WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve is designed to let you carry and protect both devices at once in a single sleeve. Having a single sleeve instead of two distinct ones results in a lighter and less bulky bag or backpack. As Waterfield explains,

Increasingly, people routinely carry either an iPad Pro and a MacBook or two laptops, one personal and one professional. The modular Double-Take Sleeve, with two padded compartments, a designated Apple Pencil slot, a simple accessory pocket, and the flexibility to transfer it from bag to bag or to carry it over one shoulder, affords dual-device users the agility they need.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

The new sleeve is made from 1050 denier ballistic nylon, impact-resistant foam, and wool-blend padded lining. It also features full-grain leather accents, reinforced seams, and a padded flap for added protection.

Waterfield products always have clean lines and look simple while hiding some of the best organization you’ll find in a bag, backpack, or sleeve. This is no exception.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

The sleeve has accordion-style wool compartments that hold the laptop and/or tablet.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

A rear pocket is ready to hold small accessories.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

And a custom pocket so your Apple Pencil is always safe yet accessible.

In addition, Waterfield designed the Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve with an added and unexpected degree of flexibility. A G-hook fastener keeps items placed in the sleeve safe.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve

And, when ordering, you can choose to add D-rings and a shoulder strap so the sleeve can slipknot another bag or so it can be used on its own as a use “stand-alone, ultra-minimal, shoulder bag.”

Here’s a video showing off its features:

The Waterfield Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve is available for both the 13” and the 16” MacBooks.

WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve
All of it, from Waterfield’s beautiful yet rugged black ballistic nylon and leather to the textured wool-blend interior, combine to offer a sleeve that has clean lines and an elegant aesthetic. Your devices will be kept safe, and you’ll feel great carrying it.

The WaterField Double-Take iPad + MacBook Sleeve version for the 13” MacBook Pro/Air has an MSRP of $219 while the version for the 16” MacBook Pro is ten dollars more at $139. You can check them out here.


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