The Traktorfahrn Tobago Pear Desk Organizer & Tablet Stand

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The Traktorfahrn Tobago Pear Desk Organizer & Tablet Stand Listen to this article


This is the $79 Tobago pear – desk organizer & tablet stand by ETSY seller Traktorfahrn. It will hold your tablet and a few other desktop items, and it is made to work in several configurations. Evidently the maker discovered an unexpected benefit to the stand, too — the solid wood base “amplifies musik if  [the] speaker is facing [the] bottom.”

TOBAGO PEAR - desk organizer & tablet stand

Tobago pear – desk organizer & tablet stand

Handcrafted in Dusseldorf Germany from pear wood, which has a beautiful reddish grain, the Tobago Pear Desk Organizer & Tablet Stand measures 20 x 12 x 3 cm (7.9” x 4.7” x 1.2”), and it will fit the iPad2, iPad3, Samsung Tablet, ASUS Tablet as well as others. If you aren’t sure about your tablet, you can contact the seller and let him know its measurements. Each is handmade, so making it work shouldn’t be a problem.

TOBAGO PEAR - desk organizer & tablet stand


Could you use a Tobago pear Desk Organizer & Tablet Stand on your desk? You can order yours from ETSY seller Traktorfahrn for $79.


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