Fully’s Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Now that I’m fully embracing adulthood by having my own place, the one thing that I overlooked after mounting TVs, buying a bigger bed was how I would get work done when I’m at home. After looking at Ikea and various other places for a desktop setup, I settled on Fully’s Jarvis Standing Desk, and I couldn’t be happier.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Currently, the number one adjustable height desk on the market, the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk starts at $445. It comes with an array of various options that you can include for an additional fee, such as pencil trays, locking casters, and even a neat desk lamp.

Available in three colors (black, white, or graphite), I opted for the all-black. I figured that the white would get dirty easily courtesy of coffee mugs and dust and debris. Although I originally liked graphite, the fiancé decided it did not go with the room’s décor that it would temporarily be in until we got a home with a private office. That being said, I settled for the all-black. This included the legs as well, which also come in the same three available colors.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

When you go through figuring out which shape you’d like, you get two options, rectangle or contour; I chose the former, but again this is completely up to you. I also opted for the wire management option, which allows me to tuck wires underneath the desk itself, which can also help you move locations or if you generally decide to move the desk around for some spring cleaning.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Fully tried to make the setup process pretty simple by giving you all of the possible options highlighted for you as you click through them, so you’ll see exactly what you will be getting. After it was all said and done, I ended up with the following desk specs:

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Fully mentions that their Extended range of desk height is from 24.5″ to 50″ inches, which is nice but not completely necessary depending on your height. While the mid-range ranges from 27.25 to 46.5, I just chose this because I’m A.) Not tall at all & B.), the four-inch height differential at typing height would only be ideal if you’re on a walking treadmill or you’re over 6’2″ in height and found it necessary.

Since I’ve mentioned it, the handset does come in two different versions, with or without a screen signifying the current height level. This is the one I chose because it’s nice to know exactly what levels for future reference.

Another perk of the handset with the on-screen indicator is that it not only shuts off after 10 seconds. Hence, it’s not just glaring from the right side of your desk at night, but there are actual presets that you can use, so at the press of a single button, the Jarvis will go to the exact height you have programmed. This stops the need to stand there, holding it to go up and down, which is pretty handy if you ask me.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home


For good measure, the Field “privacy” Panel I chose is not just for privacy (since it is sitting against a wall). Still, when I am taking photos of my setup, or even just products I am currently reviewing, having the product(s) sitting on the black desk, the light grey accent of the panel gives photos a certain look that reduces glare and shadowing, which is actually nice.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Of course, Jess decided to take it upon herself to add a flower decoration to the desk because it clearly didn’t have enough “flair” to it.

When the Fully Jarvis Desk fully arrived at my doorstep, it arrived in a couple of boxes, all signifying exactly what was what. I ordered a Topo Mini Mat, which I plan on reviewing separately, but I also received Fully’s Tic Toc chair, which is just phenomenal, but I’ll get into that a bit later.

All of the parts came complete in the box, individually wrapped so they wouldn’t go missing, and the assembly instructions were about as simple as you could make them, even for someone who purposely gets Ikea to install furniture (although I no longer use Ikea products but don’t tell anyone).

I had a friend who builds things for a living to actually help me install the desk because although I don’t mind doing it myself, I wanted to document it in a time-lapse video of it being completely assembled, which came out great. In the end, it took a solid two hours, a box of Domino’s Pizza, and a couple of episodes of Colony before we finally finished the Jarvis.

Still, the hard work (more on him than I) paid off as the desk itself looks everything like it did when presented to me on the site.

Jarvis Assembly:


There were a few quirks and things that I wanted to implement that required a few (not included) zip ties for even more cable management. After hiding the cables that I use to charge up my products that would sit on my desk, which include:

  1. Apple Lightning cable
  2. Native Union Marble Dock for Apple Watch & iPhone/iPad
  3. LUMEN LED Lamp
  4. MacBook Charger

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Fully was nice enough to send out a surge protector that I wanted to attach to the bottom of the desk if I needed to add something to the desk, for example, a monitor. Although Fully doesn’t really give you much wiggle room for actually mounting this without honestly nailing the surge protector to the bottom of your desk, I opted for just zip ties and a bit of rigging it to the bottom of the desk.

So far, it’s worked fine without any quirks, which is helpful because when/if Jess and I move, it can easily be carried to the moving truck in one piece without having to be disassembled and with the cords still attached.

The surge protector worked wonders with the Power Grommet Cover, which allowed me to easily feed cords through the desk so they wouldn’t dangle everywhere. It’s $69 but allows you to access an individual AC outlet and two USB ports that come in handy as well. I would suggest getting this for your desk, especially if you get a longer version of the Jarvis that features two individual areas that allow access to the Grommet.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

The AC adapter is where I had a bit of a problem because although the photos on the site shows the desk can maneuver up and down, there’s a cord that’s present that needs to be plugged into the wall for this functionality to work.

I zip-tied the cable to the Jarvis desk’s back left leg to hide it (because it’s actually pretty unsightly, especially for a standing desk), and that seemed to do the trick. So if you want a life hack— zip tie the AC adapter cord to the back of the Jarvis desk, and it will be out of the way.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

The use of the desk is just like you’d imagine, of course. With the controls, you can adjust the height to how you deem fit, and when using the Tic Toc or standing, you can be comfortable sitting or standing for hours.

This article was a mix of standing up while watching a movie, and when I wasn’t doing that, I used the Tic Toc chair.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

The Tic Toc chair is what Fully considers to be the most unique ergonomic chair for standard offices, and I’d have to agree. Although it doesn’t have a back to it, the Tic Toc chair is stellar. Compared to the chair I use at work, I’d rather not have a back to my chair if it could do half of the things that my Tic Toc can manage to do.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

“Tic toc enables you to really settle into your work while you get in touch with your own natural rhythm.”

“When we couldn’t find a desk we loved for a reasonable price, we built our own. And we’ve kept improving it at every turn.”

– David Kahl, founder & CEO of Fully

When you sit at your desk, you tend to not move any portion of your body outside of your arms and fingers. NOT with the Tic Toc. This chair, in particular, moves when you move, so when your body sways, it does the same, giving you the rhythm you need to be more productive at your desk.

If you listen to music and you’re grooving at your desk, the Tic Toc will go with the flow as well, which not only makes you more active while idle, the Tic Toc makes a great bar stool when not in use. Imagine that baby rocking chair used to put you at ease as a child, but now in an adult form that can serve for meditation, a dining chair, or just somewhere to sit. I love my Tic Toc, and this should be a companion for the Jarvis at checkout.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

When typing at night, I have to admit that I tend to have no other light other than my monitor, which, yes, I know… is a bad thing. Then I found out about the Lumen LED Desk Lamp. At $75, it’s not the cheapest lamp in the world, but it’s better than that $19 one that you found on Amazon, I promise you.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Available in black or white, I naturally got the black one to match my desk, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver for a vampire like myself (well, not technically a lifesaver in that case, but you get the point). With over 35 different light settings, including five color temperatures, each with seven different brightness levels, the Lumen lamp sits on the left side of my desk, and it comes in handier than you might think.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Made of aluminum alloy, the Lumen LED lamp, at the press of a button, can set a mood that can be the difference in you typing for twenty minutes or four hours, which is peak productivity. The arms rotate in virtually every direction, and you can maneuver the lamp head to fit any situation, which is pretty handy.

Fully was even nice enough to include a USB charging port (take that, Apple), so I can actually charge my phone at my desk if I needed to. The only thing that could make this lamp better is if it could naturally change the settings for you, depending on your surroundings. It’s a lofty idea, but hey.. wishful thinking. It’s still the fanciest light I have in my house currently.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

I have a co-worker who is currently looking for a standing desk for their office and asked me which was the best on the market for a running treadmill. While I couldn’t tell him how it would fare for a treadmill since I didn’t pay for that option (Fully does offer two different treadmills, the TR1200 for $999 and the TR5000 for $1499), I told him he should buy from Jarvis.

I stand by the desk portion the most because if you’re planning on being active AND productive or generally hate sitting in the same spot for hours, the Jarvis desk is the best option for your home or your office. In my trials, the desk is sturdy enough to hold even my body weight (I’ve laid on it to test), which means it can handle a monitor and a bunch of casework.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Depending on the size of the desk you choose, it can fit anywhere from a corner to a long wall, although I did not see the L-shaped option, which I would’ve loved to check out (Judie bought the 72″ x 72″ L-shaped desk with a bamboo top, and she loves it).

If you do opt for the treadmill, though, I will make sure to get a contour version of the desk and not the rectangle though because even though you’ll have more space with the square version, the contour allows for more motion and movement, especially if you’re in stride while on a conference call and writing notes.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home
I mean.. what more can I say about the Jarvis standing desk that I haven’t already said? I love it, and for someone who hasn’t “sat” at a desk that wasn’t at my full-time job since college, typing up articles for the site, doing work, or just browsing the internet feels a lot better for my neck and backs sake than just casually surfing from the couch.

If you’re looking for a desk that will last you for years and that will add a bit of style to your home office without looking like you purchased it from a department store like everyone else, go to Jarvis and get yourself a Jarvis that’s custom fit to your needs.

Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk Is the Best Setup for Your Home

Head over to Fully’s website today for more information on the Jarvis Standing Desk.

 05/25/23: This note is now on Fully’s Home Page –

At Fully, we like to keep people in motion. Now we’re the ones moving — from this point forward, our furniture and accessories will be sold exclusively through Herman Miller and Design Within Reach. We hope to see you there!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The desk is super sturdy, holds even my body weight, and what you see online while ordering is exactly what you will get; Plenty of ways to customize your desk while ordering

What Needs Improvement: Some of the instructions are a bit cumbersome, and you’ll probably find an easier method versus going word for word, but try to follow the assembly video as close as you can

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