The Lumia 1020 Takes on School Plays in New Commercial


Microsoft’s “Wedding Crashers” video was a funny take on guests taking photos at weddings while arguing over operating systems. The sequel, “School Play”, still has some Android versus iPhone jokes, but focuses (no pun intended) on an area where the Lumia 1020 beats everyone: the camera.

This commercial follows the same format-major event, smartphones out, fight fight fight, smug couple using a Lumia in the back laughing at the rest of the people. However, it’s a clearer commercial, highlighting a feature of the Lumia 1020 that no else has, rather than a “hey, we’re the alternative” vibe. And the camera is definitely a selling point. I showed my Lumia 928 off to a family friend over the weekend, and the next day he was peppering me with questions about the 928 versus the 1020, what Windows Phone was like, etc. All because he saw the photos I was taking with my 928 versus everyone else’s iPhone 4/4S shots, and he was greatly impressed with Nokia’s camera/Nokia Pro Cam app.

I would love to see these fighting ads continue, with more highlighting of the actual features of Windows Phone! Maybe a vacation themed one next?

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