Apple’s September Event – Here’s the Latest

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Apple's September Event - Here's the Latest Listen to this article

Apple's September Event

Apple’s September Event will arrive shortly. As it unfolds we will share as much of the news and as many images as possible. We’ll add some commentary along the way, but we invite and encourage you to comment on this post once the news starts to roll in. To get the latest news starting at 1pm EST, just refresh your browser. Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 1 04 42 PMPhoto Credit via The Verge

The Event began with a welcome and a focus on the iTunes Festival. (I’ve watched a few concerts and they are pretty great!)

Apple Retail Update: Big moves outside the US. More stores. Enlarged stores. More designed-to-impress stores.

iOS 7 “Will quickly become the world’s most popular os” Next month Apple sells its 700 millionth iOS device. (I’ve been using iOS 7 since its first Beta. I didn’t love it at first but have quickly become a fan.)

New notification center. (Yeah!) New lock screen. (Nice.) Command Center. (Awesome!) Parallax effects. (yawn) (Moving quickly through the features… may mean lots of time on hardware.) NewImage

Camera app and new filters… (BIG improvement in my experience.) iTunes Radio (Wasn’t all that excited but am using it a lot!) (iOS 7 will be jarring at first but the refinements are nice. It is not a HUGE leap forward.) Launching 18th for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Then rolling out to other devices.


iWork: Cook- iOS devices are content creators not just consumers…


All five are… FREE?!!!! (With any new iOS device!) No shipping preloaded but you will be asked if you want to download them for free when setting the device up.


iPhone: iPhone 5 is the best received iPhone yet. And being replace by two designs.



iPhone 5C: Made with all the technology of the iPhone 5 but brings color to the phone that was previously black or white. (Exactly what we expected.)


Green, white, blue, pink, yellow.


Single piece for back, sides, top and bottom. (Actually looks nice.) Custom cases available too.


(Meh… Apple really doesn’t do accessories all that well.)


4″ Retina display. A6 processor like iPhone 5. Same 8MP camera. Slightly bigger battery. BT 4.0. More LTE Bands. $99 for 16GB, $199 32GB with two year contracts. Cases are $29.

Construction: A single piece of polycarbonate with a steel frame that is also the antenna. (If the 5C is $99 or $199 on contract… what will the 5S be?????)


iPhone 5S: “perhaps the most forward thinking phone anyone has ever made.”

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


Available in Slate, Gold and Silver.


The LED is definitely bigger.


Performance: brand new A7 system-on-a-chip processor. 64-bit chip. First on a smartphone.

iOS 7 runs in 64-bit and new Apple apps do too. iPhone 5S is 56X faster.

Judie: Dan had to step out, so I am filling in now!

They are still going through the third-party app rundown: A new Infinity Blade, new Nike+ Move app … oh hello!

3G talk time: 10 hours. 10 Hours LTE browsing. 10hrs LTE browsing or WiFi browsing, and up to 250hrs standby.

There is now a new 5-element Apple-designed f/2.2 aperture lens, and a 15% larger active sensor area. “Our competitors would just cram more pixels on that to get a stab on the spec-sheet”


When you take a photo, it actually takes multiple photos and picks the best — and that includes balancing skin tones when you use the flash.

There are now two LEDs in the flash; one is cool and white, the other is warm and amber. There’s a new burst mode on the camera, auto image stabilization, slo-motion video (cool!), and it captures video at HD video at 720p at 120FPS.

The pictures they are showing are pretty impressive, but I am curious about low light photos; the Nokia Lumia series is the one to beat right now!

Annnnnd, as expected, there is the security of a fingerprint sensor build into the home button …


It will unlock your phone and it will keep you from having to reenter your Apple ID when you buy apps. The Touch ID Sensor is 170 microns thin, senses 500 ppi, scans your sub-epidermal skin layers, it can handle multiple fingerprints, and it works from multiple directions. And your fingerprint is “never available to other software.”

Are any of you nervous about it being uploaded to Apple’s servers or backed up to iCloud? Supposedly you don’t need to worry, but things like this don’t make me feel very secure. =P

How about these prices: 16GB is $199, 32GB is $299, and 64GB is $399.

Sadly, there is no 128GB model.


You can preorder both on September 13, and you can buy both on September 20th.

I try to always get white iPhones, so I’m not sure yet whether I will get the white with silver or the white with gold; maybe I will go gold just to try something different. =P

So as many of us have suspected — and as Mike pointed out below — the 5S includes evolutionary changes.

What about you? Are you excited about the 5C; do you see a 5S in your future? Or did the new iPhones fall short of what you had hoped for in the next new iPhone? Let us know!

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