Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review – a Wearable Mobile Office

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

The Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Backpack

Traveling for business is a common occurrence in today’s world. That travel requires lugging a computer and other devices which makes checking baggage difficult. Everki has become the default for designing stylish gear bags with tons of functionality that are checkpoint friendly while traveling. The Atlas, at $169.99, is one of the newest offerings to the Everki lineup.

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

The Atlas backpack joins an already awesome line of checkpoint friendly gear bag options. Airport checkpoints can often ruin a trip before it has started, so a bag option to alleviate this problem can be important. The laptop compartment opens up 180 degrees to allow the backpack to easily pass through checkpoint x-ray machines. You simply unzip the compartment and watch it ride the conveyor belt without having to remove your gear.

While traveling through the airport, you can utilize the five point ergonomic strap system to comfortably carry your gear. The system evenly distributes the weight ensuring an easier time carrying the bag while walking. If carrying a hand trolly or rolling suitcase, the pass through strap on the back of the backpack will hold the bag tight keeping from being carried. Either way you choose to carry it, the Atlas will be comfortable and convenient.

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

Carrying the bag is great, but what about the inside features? The Atlas sports the usual Everki padded laptop compartment. The adjustable compartment will hold virtually any sized laptop from 13″ to a huge 17.5″ safe and secure. The padding is plenty to keep the computer safe during normal use. Since most people have multiple computers for home and work use, the ability to adjust for many sizes makes the Atlas usable in almost any situation.

Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

In front of the laptop compartment is an iPad/tablet pocket. Most of the older backpacks holds a tablet in another pocket in the front of the bag. I really like having my iPad in the same padded compartment as the laptop. It not only ensures it is safe and sound, but also much quicker to grab both devices for use. The velcro strap holds the tablet safe and sound.

The rest of the Atlas is composed of many well designed pockets. There are three layers of zippered pockets that include more than enough space to carry just about anything I could think to take with me. In fact, it took me a few days to remember where everything was located since there was so many options. The side pockets are large and easy to access while carrying the bag. I would think a person could easily pack literally everything they need for a short trip in this bag.

The Atlas checkpoint friendly backpack from Everki is an amazing option to carry all of your gear. The high quality materials and zippers ensure the bag will last a long time and the well designed storage pockets means nothing will have to be left behind. I have followed and reviewed Everki’s products for several years, and the Atlas is easily the nicest bag in their lineup. If you travel for business a lot, or you’re just looking for something to carry an ever growing amount of gear on a daily basis, the Atlas is a great option. It is kind of like having a mobile office.

Everki Atlas

MSRP: $169.99

What I Like: High quality construction with tons of features; TSA checkpoint friendly

What Needs improvement: It has so many pockets and compartments it is almost overkill for me

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

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  1. Looks like you can fit a lot of items in the backpack. It’s a really nice design.

  2. Kamaldeep Singh | September 23, 2013 at 12:51 pm |

    Excellent bag. It would be be a useful accessory while travelling

  3. I’m not a fan of backpacks in general, but this is pretty non-offensive; plus, I suppose anything larger would require a carryon.

  4. It looks really sleek for having so much room!

  5. My office is casual, so it always seems odd to carry something too formal, but I also want to be able to hold everything. I think this one’s got me covered.

  6. This seems like a very well designed bag. Thanks for the review!

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