Feed your Child’s Imagination with FarFaria’s Digital Library

FarFaria is a children’s book app for the iPad that has made reading to your children at bedtime easier than ever.


FarFaria is packed with over 450 full-color children’s stories for kids aged 2-9.  FarFaria is free to download, and you can read one full book per day; a $3.99 monthly subscription will get you access to unlimited reading.


Using an interactive story discovery experience, FarFaria allows children to browse the exciting, colorful world of many areas.  The areas inside the world of FarFaria include the Animal Kingdom, Adventure Island, Fairytale Forest, Classics Grove, Singalong City, and more.  As one would expect, Adventure Island is chock full of exciting adventure stories, and Classics Grove includes classic stories like Princess and the Pea and Rapunzel.


FarFaria has some great features, including Read-To-Me in every story, which will read the book to your child.  Each story also has the reading level easily identifiable on the cover image so that it’s easy to find books suitable for your child.  New stories are added every weekday, so you’ll never run out of engaging new stories to share.  What’s very cool is that all the books in Sing Along City are songs that your children can sing along with, and you can hear them being sung using the Read-To-Me feature.

UPDATE:  As of the morning of 9/16/13, Apple recently approved an update that will bring another land to FarFaria called Genius Jungle, which will house new non-fiction stories to help expand your child’s learning.  The update should be live within a few hours.

FarFaria is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store; you can learn more about it here.

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